Friday, May 14, 2010

had tons of fun yesterdae with Jinyao , CSA , Sheryl , Joshua & Timo.

hihi. yesterdae went out with jinyao , CSA , sheryl , joshua and timothy. have tons of fun =] first we met at hougang mall supposed 9.45 am... but jinyao was abit late... so we w8 l0l =] thn we took MRT to tampines. when we reach there , we first went to buy tickets for th movie , we watch " Robin Hood " my advice : nvr go watch it... its like?? I dun even knoe wat the heck is it all about?? except th killing and fighting part?? is like watever they say makes no sense to miie =.=" i was like o.0?? th whole movie.... even almost fell asleep =p hahax. l0ls. thn... ohh... we went popular get th stupid black paper?? they need 6?? so they took whole stack of black paper in a pack. thn they say like to much , so they took one by one deh. then they say pack one more worth it =.=" diaoo.... waste time... so went to take pack one , thn timo realised he lose his wallet =.=" zzz... so went back to find... so i help they pay first... dunno where they found it , anyway in th end they found it. so we went timezone. l0ls. play basketball. singles and team =] singles , i won CSA... so happi =p hehex. team : we tied , each win one round... thn timo and jinyao play... timo better , cas he anyhow shoot , he dun bother bout accuracy , but jinyao bother so waste quite some time =] anyway... thn we wanted to take neoprint =.=" thn sheryl went off .... cas she dun want take... zzzz... so we pull th boys in ... damn funni lah our neoprint... but nice too =] had tons of fun in th end anyway. tats th most impt part. CSA also had tons of fun... honestli , tis is my first time go out with boys BESIDES jonathan [ eu shld be honored i put eu first , l0ls. ] , jordan , donovan , wilson and michael. mmm.... at first , feel abit uneased.... l0ls, cas keep quarrelin with joshua =.=" l0ls. so.... yeahh... thn it turn better =] went home later thn expected =] so good lahh... is like joshua the first to reach home... unfair..... CSA and i plan to go out again... just b4 she leave... [ i knoe i said tis mani times but still ... ] i'm sure goin to miss her went she go.... :'(
todae, we watch some video make by other group for their geog. project. thn lifelit, we watch tis movie called : " i am sam " . pretti sad movie... onli watch half way cas nt enough time.... youtube got the rest... but i dun want watch... dun realli like the movie. nowadaes , i dun realli like movies... i prefer anime =p just watch finish lovely complex and kimi ni todoke [ speak of which , CSA is mad at sunni for tellin miiie th name of th anime =p ] anyway , i onli watch kimi ni todoke AFTER examm... =] yeahh... so now watchin aishiteruze baby. yuzuyu so cutteee... kawaii..... =] i prefer Satsuki to Kippei... Satsuki more handsome ... though Kippei is th protagonist and Satsuki is nt... btw... i dunno wats the antagonist for tis anime... those knoe and got watch tell miie , kk ?? =] thnx =] mm.... yeahh... so... tryin to finish watchin =] haix... now i am also a anime addict. =.=" zzz.... anyway yeahh , thn art got backk results . l0ls , luckily i didnt fail =] mmm... yeahh , so ... feel sad for someone... haix... dun feel to bad.. it cant be helped if eu suck at art?? yeahh thn recess , thn c.e had beliefing on how go bedok reservoir for cross-country race next fri. do eu think i shld take bus with athena , dongmei and CSA there?? or ask my mum fetch?? [ cas she visiting my gran(s) tat stay near there?? so on the way can bring miie there... ] so ?? so confused now... haix.... yeahh , cher also give backk science paper , i didnt fail... w8 , no one in our class fail ( fortunateli ) but i cant believe i did so badli... i knoe i didnt study much in the end... but i expect to do slightly better?? haix... siannx... dunno how tell my mum my results.... she's SO goin to ground miie tis round...
kk , nth else... go watch my anime lehh... so byebye =] see ya ... have a enjoyable weekends =p




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