Thursday, December 2, 2010

New post for my DEAD blog. :D

hey :D nth much also lah. :) Tuition Officially starts this Saturday. sigh. i dun want to start studying yet... still early... [ to me lah ] anyway, anyone of you out there finish ur homework leh ma? Even if its only part of it, as long as ur did a bit leh, please tell me :D thn i would also start to do... if not. he he. Hack care :P anyway, Monday , went to Universal Studio. supposed to be go with Daniel and Terence, but they didn't come == Zzz... ppl all pak cek me == Zzz... sigh, anyway, rode the Mummy ride, DAMN FUN!!! but got a bit scary lah, but i still rode on it twice anyway :P But the queue quite long lol. ha ha~ Overall, i had fun :D mmm... nth much, going out to Tampines tmr with mummy and sister to go buy stuff for school, like stationary, assessment books , pens , bag and stuff, well, hope can buy the converse bag and shoe!!! :D kk, update tmr bah , toodles~

a.q :D

P.S It's not official yet, so dun go arnd telling ppl about us...
[ Hint to what i'm talking about: 22.11.10 {♥} & him ]



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