Sunday, December 26, 2010

I wish fairytales do exist~

hey. well, nth much really, at least for today... i haven't speak to him since yesterday when he told me the truth, erm, i cant really say i'm mad at him... i just didn't expect him to keep such an impt thing from me, and only chose to tell me yesterday... Been feeling really down for the whole day. At least, i still have MinHui's dog to keep me company for the day... i dunno... i just wan him to be honest with me... arghh!!!~ I'm having problems!!!! i wish school would reopen sooner so i can seek advice from twinny? maybe? arhh... i dunno wat to do... feel so lost... why can't my life be like a fairytale were things all ends up with a happy ever after and no more troubles... i wan to live a fairytale life!!! D:




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