Saturday, December 25, 2010



hey peeps, miss me much? l0ls. dun think so. ha ha. :D l0ls. really , my blog's damn dead since i decided to update through twitter or Fb. but still, though i shld at least update a bit... nth much really, though many happy and sad things happen durng my hols , still i believe i did had fun :D daddy didnt come back tis Christmas... haven't speak to him for a long time... wonder how his doing? l0ls. i believe it's been pretty much the same as usual. well, it's been 2 yrs since we move to our new house... l0ts of changes this 2 yrs, new environment for me and my sis in sch. new workplace for my dad and new place to clean for my mum [ haha. ] let's say , it's also 2 yrs since me and Jonathan became friends, and more than tat too. Though things didn't work out well for us. it's seems to work out pretty well between him and Diana. ha ha. Well, things working out pretty well for Amelia and Jordan, and others too, but i can't really say things is going well for me and Terence D: it's Christmas and ppl believe that things always work outs during Christmas, i guess that's why he chose to tell me the truth on this day... Time passes REALLY fast... ... Soon our hols will be over in a week, sch will reopen and we would start a brand new yr, and Terence will be leaving too...

Apparently, only his mum and sis is staying ... his dad and him is going to stay at Paris. The truth is his parents divorced 2 yrs ago... but they thought the kids was too young to understand, therefore they kept it a secret. It's only till his mum is going to get married again and will be staying in SG permanently with her new husband then they know about it... the custody of his sis was given to his mother and he CHOSE to follow his dad, therefore his returning to Paris and will only return once in awhile... tough truth huh? well, at least for me...

a.q *_*



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