Monday, December 13, 2010

If only we celebrate White Day too~

hi hi. Just realised that i haven't really update my blog for a long time... so decided to post at least a bit. Well, my tuition class has began, something to be happy and sad about... l0l. mmm... thn much really... oh, i got a new wallet , AGAIN!!! ha ha. :) l0ls. oh, i also realized [ while reading my novels ] that we only celebrate valentines day and not white day? Why is that so? oh , and supposingly, Valentines Day is for girls to confess and give chocolate and sweet stuff to guys they like, and White day is the day for GUYS to confess and give chocolate to girls they like and also for some guys to give a reply to the girls' confession... wow... isn't it... mmm... sweet? romantic? well, i dunno... anyway, godma gave a call a few days ago... she's coming back for CHRISTMAS!!!~ :D YEAHH!!!~ sigh. went to jonathan house a few days ago... l0ls. nth much really... mmm... played" guess who" , I won!!! MANY TIMES!! he won only once or twice. haha. :D also played uno stacko... ha ha. he keep cheating, i'm a pro!!! :D l0ls. nth much really though... ohh... next wednesday , hehe special day :D b4 tuition , maybe going out :) hehe... update ur later bah... ohh... for more update follow me at twitter or facebook :D byebye~



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