Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy Birthday DADDIE!!!~

Hey. Okays. Update on my previous post. Well, we started talking again, let's just say i'm a soft-hearted person... [ often heard tat from my frens too ]. We didn't really hang out often last week... Since we're all busy and stuff, where i have to go for tuition and stuff, most of the time , we only talk on the phone. Nth much besides tat. Well, i didnt really go out last week neither did anything special happened, so i dun really have much things to update about , besides th fact tat we went out for dinner yesterday with daddie's secondary frens and countdown tgt. nth else leh. so... well , nth much. Time passes really fast, It's already 2011!!!~ 2 more days to sch reopen. sigh. Can't wait... == Let's see , Happy Memories of 2010:

1.Fun Outing with Frens, especially with CSA, Athena, Pamela & Sheryl. :D
2.Long Chat On the Phone with CSA where we talk about Goaty, Sunny and JellyGoo. :D
3.After school, Bubbletea and Playgrnd Hangout with Twinny & Pamela. :D
4.After exams, Blind mice Hangout with Twinny & frens.
5.Arcade Time with CSA & Pamela. :D
6.Unrealistic Story and "A.C.E"
7.Ice skating and Karaoke with the Special Ordinarys
8.Best Dec Hols [ cas of Terence ]
9.Figured out who are my True Frens and who are not.
10.I'm happy with my end year results. :D

What's my new year resolution?
I'm not very sure. I just hope tat next yr will be a smooth yr , i would do well in my studies and my long-distance relationship will work out and be one of my longest relationships :D

Toodles~ And Happy New Year!!!~

a.q :D



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