Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy Birthday TWINNY!!!~


Hi peeps. Before i start to update on what i did today, let's wish my twinny, Athena , a HAPPY 15TH BIRTHDAY!!!~ Congrats ur a yr older!!!~. Mmm, okay lets carry on , on what i did today... I woke up earlier than usual , cas i'm trying to get used to waking up early for school without feeling tired or anything like dat. well, then did some work. Used the phone fore 2 hrs. And left for Toa Payoh at arnd 12? l0ls. nth much, supposed to bring sis go tuition, but turned out today got no tuition == wasted my time... I wanted to buy a chinese storybook from popular , but the queue was like damn long, so i ended up not buying it. i guess everyone's doing last minutes shopping for school. l0ls. Didn't shop there for very long since there got nth much, came home arnd 3.30pm. Called MinHui over to my hse. talking for awhile thn we removed our toes and nail polished since school starts in 1 day. wow, time passes really fast... I dun wan tmr to come so soon...

I hate it when i lie to myself, thinking:
It's okays, It's alright.
I wouldn't cry and I wouldn't miss him at all.
Even though i know in my heart,
That there's no way he will be able to keep his promise,
And be by my sides always, nvr leaving me alone.
Even though i long predicted tat there's no way,
This long-distance relationship will work out.
Still I choose to deceive myself,
Into believing it would all work out.

a.q D:



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