Friday, January 7, 2011

It's already the first week of a new school year!!!

hey! It's already the first week of school. Still adapting to the new environment with new chers and classmates too. My class is really AWESOME!!! and by AWESOME i means MAJORITY GIRLS!!! There's ONLY 10 boys and 32 girls!!! wow... tats like less than half the class boys. well, tats also a gd thing , we would have lesser noise , but got this guy in our class call Aloysius. damn noisy one == l0ls. the rest still ok. Like i said , during lesson time, the class is like - silence - l0ls. tats beside hearing the cher's voice. Mmm... cher already changed our seating arrangement. Pamela sitting right in front of the teacher table. Athena sitting near the wall , right above her is the screen. and i am sitting at the last row next to the back door with a guy named Justin... reminds me of JB, Justin Bieber!!!~ l0ls. mmm... nth much. I can manage with my studies , i suppose... just cant update my blog so often anymore. but will update once in awhile , most of the time , will update thru twitter. Have to stay back for afternoon classes almost everyday except for friday [ which is today ] , and most of the time after afternoon classes , i have to rush to my tuition classes, so going to be really busy this year. no time for novels, mangas or animes. will read or watch them during hols bah! :D Oh, Having sec 3 camp next wed-fri. Athena still persuading the mum to let her go. It's already 80% to success. Left 20% only. :D yeahh!!! I still nid to get my camp stuff. shit. not enough p.e tees. shit. where my sleeping bag? shit. ARGGGHHHH!!!!~ help!!!! going to go find my stuff for camp. Toodles~

a.q ^~^



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