Monday, January 3, 2011

Today's the last day of sch hols

hey. Can't believe today's actually the last day of our school hols!!! well, actually i can believe it. It's not like it's anything serious. Thinking on the bright side, going to school sooner can keep my mind off sad stuff. Well, nth much today. Went to Ikea and Giant for lunch went home arnd 1+pm. Thn on com, tweet, fb-ing, gaming , chatting. nth else lehh... Thn did some revise for my wednesday's A maths, indices test. This time also must win Jonathan. :D l0ls. nth else. I have seriously no idea what to bring to sch tmr and i having doing my lifelit hwk yet! So much for doing on thursday == kk, gtg pack my sch bag for tmr. toodles~

a.q D:

Trying to get myself to think on the bright side and not getting so upset with the fact tat his not going to be here for me this Valentines Day.

I feel so cold in the "inside". Where are eu when i nid eu? Did eu forget what eu promised? Or am i the only one taking this whole thing so serious?



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