Monday, February 28, 2011

You can't have a rainbow without a little rain.

Hey! It's Monday! Think i'm having Monday blues rather often nowadays. nth special, First lesson was Biology, was expecting Mrs Azlan to return the papers to us. But sadly, NOPE. she didn't, somehow expected it. ha ha. After that was A maths, got back our paper. Got 38 out of 40. Ugh! Got careless mistake, so Cher minus 2 marks!!!! UGH!!!!! Zzz... or i could get a full marks??? UGH!!! So pathetic. Thn we had recess, starve in class. ( trying to save $$ for certain stuff ). Thn we had E maths. Also got back paper. 45 out of 50. 1 mark careless and 4 marks dunno how do. l0ls. DOUBLE pathetic. fml. E maths we also learn a new chapter inequalities , which i suck at? thn we had Literature. Ms James is back!!!! Yeah!!! (: Continued on the worksheet which we didn't complete last week. This Wednesday got Class test, over 50 marks. Marks is to be combined with Social Studies && put into our report book. Think i'm gonna flunk badly? My English sucks. Anyway, thn we had lunch && afterwards we had English, thought we would be getting our papers back. but nope. our teachers went to ACJC. Anglo Chinese Junior Collage. For i dunno whatever reasons. So was suppose to do a comprehension practice in our Distinction For English Book. But spent 45 mins talking to Jasmin && Jamie instead :P talking bout K-Pop. shit. Think i'm obsessed with it too. wtf. nth else after that. Stayed back awhile still to do my e maths hwk. on inequalities. hate to draw the stupid timeline. jeez. why is it even needed when it's so tedious? guess e maths is tedious maths unlike a maths. okay, thats all for today. proceed to update on YESTERDAY.
Yesterday, had Macdonald breakfast! awesome \m/ thn read a book on the wonders of the world. Did eu know The statue of Liberty was a gift for the united states of america from France? Did eu know the & pointy thing on the statue of liberty represents 7 different continents? Did eu know The Great Wall of China wasn't only completed during the Qin Dynasty? After the Qin Dynasty, Emperors continued to extend it? OMG. Awesome! \m/ i didn't know all this before!!! COOL!!! After awhile, left the house to go to compass point. Meet Sheryl at Mini Toons. Went to Library cafe for lunch. had potatoes chunk && peach dream smoothie. *yummy* Stayed there for awhile to borrow books. (: thn we went to popular, Action City && Mini Toons. Bought a new hand phone strap && Hand phone pouch (: nice... the hand phone strap is denim fabric! NICE!!! ( bought a few more after returning home from sch. for Amelia, SiYi && Min Hui ) Wanted to get some for Sheryl, Athena && Pamela. but the ppl there say no more same color , need wait one day. only left those "light" blue jeans color. I want the dark blue black one! No choice. next time go out with clique thn buy different kind one bah (: also went to comics connection, Sheryl bought some anime stuff && we became member tgt, so can get 10% discount! (: Same quite a lot of $$? lol. thn went to walk arnd timezone with Sheryl. Didn't play any games. Sheryl dun like to play this kind one... nth much, went back to library, read books awhile, went to Watson to get some stuff, couldn't find it , so end up didn't buy. Thn went to Cold Storage get SUSHI! *Yummy* (: nth much, ate awhile thn go home leh. so typical? ha ha. (: nth else. that all. shall update tmr if got time bah. ^^



Friday, February 25, 2011

Sometimes, i feel that i'm redundant.

I realized as time passes, people do change. Some for the better but majority for the worst. Sigh. Feel so emotional since last night, but i guess the worst is finally over? But i still glad i have besties && good friends arnd me who support me && believe in me! Ur AWESOME \m/ ^^ Nothing really, had tuition this afternoon. Jeez. I'm starting my skating addictions AGAIN!!! I wanna skate ): But mummy dun allow. Worry that i'll end up with a serious leg injury like when i was primary 6 && can't run the nafa. 2.4km. Ugh. I HATE P.E, i wanna skate ): envy,envy, jealous, jealous ): Sigh. Still haven't complete my English hwk that was given to us 2 WEEKS ago. == So much for promising to ALWAYS do my English hwk FIRST == l0ls. think i'm gonna concentrate and finish up my hwk. toodles~ (:

p.s I think the picture on the left , the Patrick's head is to pointy, dun YOU think so? ^^


i WANT you

Hey! Erm, yesterday didn't get to use the computer so couldn't update! (: Today P.E we played floor ball, grouped ourselves into 8 groups of 5 (: played with four other teams, agreed with Athena that playing with Justin && Rhaizan's boy group better than others, more aggressive, more violent, tend to run more. (: Exercise more! More than since it's floor ball, dun really hate P.E that much le lol? ha ha. Used to hate P.E a LOT cas of volley ball, which i suck at? then also played with some stupid bitch which cheated? it clearly wasn't a goal yet they say it is? i mean, if it really was a goal, why would i lie about it? Just a game. but those stupid bitches clearly think that way? l0ls. so pathetic. What to lie just to win? Apart from that, one of the stupid bitch keep copying others? it's like damn clear she's copying what others' are saying. Example: Cher asked a qns, Aloysius answered it, she still wants to answer it. Yeah eu may think whats wrong with that right? maybe she really know or sth right? But here's the problem. It's a maths qns Cher's asking, if she really knows, why would she ask Cher explain again later on? so stupid. damn unlucky, every year also got bitches in my class. Anyway, today Chemistry, got back results for CT. Got only 28 when Pamela && Athena got like 42 && 35 respectively. fml. my chemistry sucks like hell. really need serious help. Zzz... then E maths Cher gave each pair two word problem relating to quadratic eqns that are like worth 10 marks each and ask us solve == ended up me && Kevin only manage to like solve one? so pathetic. && that was like after SEVERAL attempts lol. == Zzz... Need more practice on E maths word problems too. Thn A maths, learn new chapter, Chapter 3, Sum of Roots && Product of Roots. Haven't learn from tutor yet. Kind of tedious? l0ls. need more practice too. ugh. my life is so busy. think nowadays can hardly update le. Go back to the once a week only scheme. l0ls. ha ha. started with revision on SS. Have a feeling mid years gonna be tested on chapter 2 && 3. should start studying now... && dun think this time only got Structured Essay. May have Structured qns again? who knows? BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY. nth much, gonna go have dinner, i'm starving. toodles ~ Maybe update on sat or sun? (: See ya.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Today is the last day of our Common Test 1!

Hi! Today was a late school day (: yeah. can wake up later , reached school arnd 8.15am to have breakfast with Pam. Very typical. Returned to class arnd 8.30? ha ha. Help both Yvonne and Wei Jie with their revision, though i myself also not so sure with my chemistry :P but maths i'm quite confident (: Today's A math was okay but Chemistry test was tougher though. Think i'm gonna flunk it too... Zzz... just anyhow feel it in. But seriously hope i wouldn't? nth much really, after chemistry, spent half an hr talking bout crap with Pam && Athena till lunch time! After lunch was Biology && Literature. Mrs Azlan spent half an hr lecturing us on how we should pay attention in her class && do self revision more often. Jeez. So boring? l0ls. Then we had Literature. Ms James didn't come, Mr Sim was supposed to take over her and teach us till the end of term 2!!!! Ugh! i want Ms James back!!! Honestly speaking, i personally feel that Ms James is a better teacher? I meant last year Mr Sim also taught us English? but he was just watching by the side, but his still not as good as Ms James? Jeez. Hope I dun flunk literature. thn thats all for today!!! Ha ha. today's our last day of exams!!! e1 && e3 ends tmr. they have physics (: i'm glad i didn't take physics, not only can i not manage my time, i suck at it too :P think of taking up chemistry tuition, but that will mean i have to give up either of my maths tuition... think i'll most probably give up on e maths... after all, e maths tuition is later at night where most of the time , i'll end up falling asleep... ha ha. nth much, later still need go for tuition. Jeez. can't i skip it just once... forget it. mummie would never allow. nth much le. maybe going out with Sheryl this Sunday AGAIN! But this time is to relax and watch a movie? (: maybe watching 127 hours (: damn depressing one...

I need to learn to forgive && forget. Only then , can i live the rest of my life happily. I know that eu dun deserve my forgiveness, and eu knew that too. But why? Why are eu telling it to me? Why tell me eu only realized how important i have become when i'm gone? Why tell me that i'm a part of ur life when i had finally forgot about eu? Why? Why do eu choose to say it now when everything in my life is so near to complete perfection? Why choose to tell me when eu are leaving? What are eu expecting of me to do about this? What to eu still want from me? What do eu expect to get from me? Do eu expect me to forgive eu for all that eu had done? Should i? Should i forgive eu for everything eu had done? For making me go through all this ? For making me suffer the pain of betray and the pain of lost? For making me trust eu and abuse that trust? For making me believe in miracle and tell me later that all this is just a dream? what should i do now?


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Paris, The City of Love ♥

HEY! l0ls. like the picture on the left? I find it rather nice. Sigh... Eiffel Tower... Located @ Paris, The City of Love, isn't it romantic? ha ha. Wish i can have my honeymoon there. Wait. Didn't i said i would NVR get married? ha ha. So contradicting. well, we'll just have to wait && see about it. (: make a "bet" with Athena && Pam yesterday, 12 yrs from now, the most successful person wins. (: hope its me! ha ha. i mean who dun hope its themselves? l0ls. Nth much, yesterday is Geography && CL exam, like i mention MANY times, I dun take geography, so ended up studying with Pam in the canteen, but chat awhile with Han Jing , Christel && Aloysius too (: Aloysius reminds me of someone from 2e2 last yr... mmm... not a very good memory but definitely unforgettable... Thn we had awhile of A Maths lesson where me && Pam played a NEW version of tit-tat-toe. l0ls. damn fun. also taught Athena && Wei Jie some maths. Nth much during lessons, oh, got back my open-book e maths test. Full marks! Not bad... then we had CL test after school, not tat difficult but the first sections was rather tough. think i might fail that section, the rest should be still alright(: mmm... thn after school, supposedly should be stay back studying with Wei Jie && Pam, but ended up chatting and talking some stupid stuff like why go bowen and stuff, oh , forgot to mention, Pam && Wei Jie are from the same Primary school too but nvr talk till today == i bet this yr Pam && Wei Jie wouldn't talk either if it wasn't for me :P ha ha. Mmm... that's all for yesterday. now for today.
Got E maths && Biology test, think i'm gonna do badly for E-maths && flunk biology? i mean, bio was like damn difficult!!! Those that i spent so much time studying also nvr come out! Ughs... so stupid! l0ls. E -maths the 3rd last question i sure wrong le la! Zzz... 4 marks gone, so stupid... Tomorrow got A - Maths && Chemistry. Hope i dun flunk those 2 too... Anyway, today e-maths exam finish , later still got e-maths tuition == thn tmr morning a-maths test finish, afternoon got a-maths test == all timing also dun match one... Zzz... == Still haven't study for tmr's Chemistry test, think i'm gonna study now, later go tuition come back should be rather late... kk, got to go. Toodles~



Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Life is PERFECT

This is a extra post for today. Ha ha. dunno why just feel like posting again (: So far, my life is PERFECT! ( && i mean it , not being sarcastic ) i have great friends , a great NEW buddy that is willingly to be there to entertain me when i'm bored (: and a great god-ma (: Though i dun have THE GREAT PARENTS in the whole entire world. i have great caring ppl arnd me (: so, think i should already be grateful? after all that happened with relationships, its time i mature and grow up and do what right which @ this point of time, is to study well for my exams (: so tats what i'm gonna do... after all... r'ships can still come later :D


Friends ♥

Hi hi! It's Sunday! l0ls. dunno why feel so hyper today when i should be feeling tired and stuff after all, i managed to text till 2++am this morning... *yawns* okay, i am a bit tired but i'm still hyper! Most importantly, i'm still ME. ha ha. ( p.s. I LOVE the picture on the left, isn't it, erm, meaningful? well, it sure is to me :D ) Was helping my coz with his primary 4 maths sum just now. i feel really pathetic for forgetting how to use guess && check to solve the qns can? l0ls. but ended up i rmbed. and managed to solve it with some help from C.S.A too. ha ha. mmm... nth much really, tmr got CL test, and i dunno how study for it? i mean how do eu ever study for languages? its like these are subjects that cant be studied for? l0ls. mmm... Later sister and mummy going Toa Payoh. left me home alone...
So sad... ha ha. as if :P l0ls. nth else. think i'm gonna study and do my leftover hwks. toodles~


Saturday, February 19, 2011

P.S It's Over.

Hey. Mmm... Today got tuition, came home didn't do any hwk AT ALL!!! :P feel like damn guilty ?? so after posting and tweeting a bit going to do my hwks! (: Made a deal with someone that if he do well for certain subject , either treat him to McDonald or can choose his own price (: i'm a very nice person one k? this way thn MAYBE can motivate him to study, or else later he sure will fail his geography ... Oh, speaking of geography, good luck to all students taking geography on Monday! (: nth much to say lol. kind of bored, but i feel like i should go study right? so i think i go study now. kk, toodles~ (:

P.S It's over.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Jetaime ♥

I wish You knew...
Would you hate me if i were to tell eu that eu are the one i like?
Would you ignore me like the others?
What would you do?
Would you still be my friend?
Cas if eu were to ignore me cause of this, i would rather we stay as friends...
Think i'm falling head over heels for eu.
Let's promise to be honest with one another from now on, kk? (:
- aq. (xxxxxx) Jetaime


Today is the first day of our Common Test 1.

Hey! Like the stars on the left? they look so perfect right? Feel kind of stress now, with all the studies and stuff , so i'm back to folding stars? haha. Kk. If eu had noticed by now, I had changed my blog skin AGAIN! I wanted to change my blog URL too. but that will be too much trouble for those who have to relink me, so , nvr mind bah (: See, i'm so considerate? ha ha. anyway, Today is the first day of our common test. Got English Paper first, supposed to write a proposal, thn got Social Studies paper, Supposed to write a structured Essay and do planning which is worth 3 marks??? l0ls. couldn't finish the planning, but managed to finish the Essay though... Stupid la, They give only 45 mins, and expect us to finish? should give more time? I know what to write already cant finish, what if i didn't study how? Sure cant even do finish half one la... Stupid. Now i know why so many ppl fail. Not cas it's difficult , but cas not enough time... Zzz... KK, Apart from that, E maths got a open book test, supposed to be Class Test . But the Class say there were already two test, very tiring , so our teacher changed it to a open book test. Since i didn't bring my book, i didn't refer, so that marks should be accurate and reflects my standard? l0ls. Both E maths and A maths also got hwk... Monday test Geography and Mother Tongue (CL) but i nvr take Geography, i took Literature, so dun need test (: But literature also will have class test... Hope i wouldn't fail. *cross fingers* Oh, Pamela also wanna change her blog skin, kk. Have to go help her. After that still need to continue folding stars. Study later bah. shall study chemistry since Chinese cant study one. Oh yeah, still haven't do Chinese 剪报. shall do it later too. Gotta go. Toodles~

a.q (:


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

P.S you were nothing but a LETDOWN

Hey. Today got Chemistry and Mother Tongue Class Test, think i'm gonna flank both? l0ls. ha ha. nth much, lessons was boring , msg-ing some friends and stuff. nth much really , all very normal. l0ls. but eu should have seem Kevin's face when he ALMOST fell of the chair , damn epic? [ quoted from Wei Jie ] Biology, Both Wei Jie and Kevin was do origamis , Kevin folded a penguin and a dinosaur. Wei Jie thought the dinosaur was a Swan. ha ha. Awesome \m/ l0ls. Got really hungry in the middle of lessons, think i finally got affected by the fries and burger decorations in my class? ha ha. anyway, during recess, or somewhere arnd there, Kevin tried to do a flip. but its was an epic failure lol? he hit his left thigh onto the table behind my seat. Awesome! \m/ nth much really. haha. Literature was FUN!!!! Way beyond descriptions? Ms James wrote this Poem Called :" Comatose" and wanted us to tell her bout our feelings towards this poem.

Comatose by Ms Inparani James

Alone, benumbed, cold feet and hands
Regret, remorse , tears
he lay there
Awake but asleep
Dead but still alive
They thought he could not make it
Father, my father
there he lies

Should be something more or less like dat. can't rmb the exact poem, but she only wrote tat much for us. its supposed to be a extreme long poem that takes up two columns of a newsletter. Nth else besides this, just wanted to share a part of the poem i just heard (: Got tons of uncompleted hwk that is due tmr , plus i still have tuition later. Gotta run, toodles ~


P.S if ur wondering why i'm not upset or angry at all when i should be, here what i gonna say , It's not worth getting all angry and upset over someone like eu. Cas ur not the only person thats gonna appear in my life. Who knows who else might appear? But one thing i know for sure. My life is so much better without eu , be it as a friend or much more than that. && I'm NOT Alone either...


Sunday, February 6, 2011

I'm Awesome \m/

hey. It's sunday! i dunno if i shld be happy or sad. haha. tats sounds stupid. last Wednesday to Friday , i went arnd visiting relatives and friends. it's really stupid tat every time my dad returns my mum and i would quarrel. i think i'm gonna collapse soon... i just take it anymore. i dun get how SOME ppl can be SO bias... i dun get it seriously... sigh... think i'm just gonna leave everything alone. i'm gonna focus on my studies this year. nth else matters anymore besides studies, cas i know , only if i do well for my studies, i would be able to leave this sickening place... arghh... it sucks to feel alone.

I know i'm awesome, but u dun have to choose/follow whatever i do/choose/say. Cas this would only make me pity u and make u urself looks more pathetic than u already are.