Sunday, October 31, 2010

New Cantonese song from the 90s~

hey morning peeps! nth much, i forgotten tat i had posted already last night, or very early this morning, anyway. I had a new song downloaded , its a old Cantonese song ... but its really nice... so for those who want to go hear can go hear hear bahs (: its call : 一生何求 by 陈百强. I think it was before we were even born ... arnd 1990- 1992. ( or before? ) anyway, nowadays, since i have nth else better to do... i'm kind of "addicted" to old stuff... well not really addicted, just like their uniqueness and stuff like dat. OK, nth else... just to tell ur bout the new song. so, kk... Toodles~

a.q (:



Happy Halloween!!!~

Today is Halloween!!!~ ha ha. i feel so hyper!!!~ i'm supposed to be out there having fun with my friends on this special day ( well, at least it's special to miie... ) , yet i'm stuck at home with my sister, simply because my friends ain't free.... sigh. that's sth sad... :( maybe , i'll just have to patient and wait for monday , when i go out with athena or with KH, Jolene , Josiah, Athena and mani some more ppl on either Wednesday or Tuesday(maybe, not confirmed)... sigh. can't wait... cas ... I WANT TO GO OUT AND HAVE FUN LIKE WHAT A NORMAL CHILD DOES!!!~


Saturday, October 30, 2010

not travelling this hols

hi. i'm feeling really bored. Tmr got no tuition since exams are over and sch hols had began. my tuition starts again durin Decembers. this yr i'm nt travelling... parents want a break to think about some problems like accommodation , studies, jobs and money $$. l0l. i'm fine with tat i suppose. since i got used to the fact tat they nvr meant wat they say: promise miie if my L1R5 is less than 10 can go Canada see Sue-Ann... Wat a lie... haix. forget it. i'll just have to visit her some other time. maybe with my god ma instead tis time... kk, nth else , just to have a short post since i have nth else better to do. (: toodles~

aq (:


Friday, October 29, 2010

" You Belong With ME " By Taylor Swift

hey. sigh. first , feeling jealous over sth minor tat get emo over it. isn't it kind of sick? Secondly, i SERIOUSLY hate myself, why didn't i appreciate Wat i have in the beginning? why regret it later?? i had tons of experience over this kind of stuff and i nvr seem to learn my lesson. i hate it. Zzz... but its all too late to regret now... Lastly, i swear to myself from this very moment, i HAVE TO and i MUST learn my lessons and never do the same again!!! or i'll regret for my ENTIRE life...


You Belong With ME by Taylor Swift.
I still rmb how i first came across to this song and hated it.
i thought i would NEVER like it.
who knows.
who knows i would have such a day.
a day that i would learn to appreciate such a song cas of MY OWN experiences.
now i like it just as much as i like Take A Bow By Rihanna.


Thursday, October 28, 2010



YEAH!!! ha-ha. so happi, today sch ended at 10am, but thn i stay back with Pamela and Athena till 12.30++ ha-ha. then we went to hougang pt, then Pamela and Athena bought one of the blue glow stick and pretend tat it was a magic wand or sth... l0ls. so childish... anyway, i showed my mum my results, she quite happi till she saw my EOY chinese onli got 70 marks, she started to nag and say those BIG facts or sth like dat... but lucky my overall score still a A1 . or i will be died. mmm... these are my scores in the report book:

EL: 65 (B3) [ YEAHH!!! on the dot B3, lucky, still got chance can go e2 ]
CL: 77 (A1)
Maths: 83 (A1)
Science: 74 (A2) [ nid 1 more mark to A1!!! ARHH!! ]
D & T: 78 (A1) [ cant believe i got A1 for D&T , heng arh... ]
Art : 52 (C6) [ no choice == i got NO talent in art... ]
Home Econ: 79 (A1) [ still ok lahh ]
Music: B ( at least i didnt get C! )
P.E : A ( but my Nafa didnt get GOLD!!! mummie nt happi with tat... )
Geog: 66 (B3) [ lucky not B4... ]

total: 574/800
Percentage: 71.8%
i'm nt veri happi with my chinese and science onli... the rest ok lah. mummie still quite happi with my results l0l. so yeah, still ok... nth else to post about... so yeah, toodles~


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I just finish watching the other half of " How To Train Your Dragon "

hi hi. nth much to post about leh, today is the second last day of school, l0ls, kind of nervous about tmr... getting report bk back sia... thn comes the nagging , scolding and grounding... l0ls. mmm... today we spent the day at L.T. we had a sexuality education talk about legal issues first thn had a interclass quiz, our class is runner-up , thn 2e1 is champion... suppose is us one l0l. thn 2e1 answered the last qns which is supposed to be worth 1 mark thn cher change it to 2 marks so we wouldnt have a tie =.=" zzz.... nvm, also onli a quiz , no big deal. l0l. finished watching the other half of " How to train your dragon " at :) niceee ... the other half is yesterday mrs leong show us in class, she say today continue... end up didnt cas no time... and i dun think she got time to show it to us tmr.... so i watch finish by myself first. :) tell ur first, this website , no virus , no need to sign up or stuff, but the quality soso onli... some parts a bit too dark, but still can see... but no choice wat... its still better than nth lehh ... kk , so if ur want watch thn go watch , kk :) nth else to post about, so ... Toodles~

a.q ^_^


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'll Never Get Over You by Selena Gomez.

hey. dun have much time to blog cas mummie wants to use the com ... zzz... nvm, just want to post a short post... life is SO borin? l0ls. haixxx.... veri sianx leh , nth to do. nvm, anyway , today i dl some new songs ... i like this best ! "I'll Never Get Over You" by Selena Gomez :) nice. your can listen at cas youtube dun have. though there say can dl right, dun bother tryin , i tried the whole afternoon also cant. so ur go dl bahh :0 hope ur like this song too :) toodles~



Monday, October 25, 2010


I had it! i have enough of your abusing and nagging , regardless of it being mentally, emotionally or even physically! i just had enough of it! i have been living in fear for my past 14 years, fear of many stuff.Most child's memory of their childhood are mostly happy ones , memories of them having fun with their friends, their most embarrassing moments and others, but mine, is mostly of how i live in fear each day, fear of who? YOU! I dun get how come there is SUCH bias parents alive still? Every child wants a ideal parents, their ideal parents are parents tat are perfect and stuff, but since small, MY ideal parents is just simply one tat cares for me and my feelings and not one that think whats best for me and ends up abusing me! Honestly , i hate my sickening life! i hate my existence! but mostly , i hate YOU!~ just leave me alone as i am and stop making my life more miserable than it already is!



Saturday, October 23, 2010

And just like dat, you left my ♥ in chains

hihi. i seriousli have nth else better to do, so here i am double-postin... sigh. my life is borin and meaningless, seriously, i NEED HELP!!! i need to find ways to entertain myself before i BORED TO DEATH!~ ok, i knoe i am exaggerating , but my life is seriousli VERI BORIN!!! maybe i shld find joy and entertainment by disturbing my sis from studyin? haha. maybe tat shld work? who knoes... kk, i'll go try sometime soon, but i definiteli knoe i will get TONS of nagging if i am busted by my mum... l0ls. okay, i shld go disturb my sis. toodles~



My decision

hihi. nth to post much about l0l. but after much persuasion by most of my friends , example: pamela, amelia , minhui etc. i think i maybe taking up my godma's offer, but thn she left for turkey yesterday midnight flight, so need wait for her to come back in maybe 1-3 weeks? or even months or years... see if she likes there or not... so yup, just want to update ur about my decision... kk, nth else~ byebye~ :)



Friday, October 22, 2010

all my results are out within 2 days.

mmm... this week , we got back all our results lehh... but i didnt tell my mum all... or i would suffer this weekend! this are my results... though i knoe i shld be ashame of them , but still... i dun mind sharing them with eu guys, just dun laugh at them, kk? :)
English Paper 1 & 2 : 57/100
Drama: 45/60
Newsletter: 16/20
Chinese paper 1&2: 96/140
Chinese oral: 29/40
Chinese LC: 14/20
Maths paper 1: 45/50
Maths paper 2 : 43/50
Science Paper: 70.5/100
Geography: 65.5/100 ( 39.5/ 60 )
D & T paper : 61/100
D& T practical: unknown
l0l. and guess what, my sis sabo miie and go show my mum my nafa badge, cas i got silver and my mum nagged at miie non-stop and the onli sentence i rmb most clearli was, why cant eu be smarter and better at sports? eu lose to JOSIAH at STUDIES and SPORTS! eu shld be ashamed of urself... ya.. i think i shld too... i ALWAYS lose to him... now i even lose to him at my best subject, i shld realli be ashamed of myself... but what can i do? i am born stupid? its nt i nvr study leh! i got l0l! just cant seem to rmb anything at the exam... zzzzz.... i hate it when my parents always compare miie with josiah! zzz...
godma came to visit miie just awhile ago... sigh~ at least still got godma tat wouldnt make comparisons... she ask if i am interested to learn the guitar... is guitar realli that "hot" now? like everyone want to learn it like dat... but i nt realli interested lehh~ i got no talent when it comes to music... pamela shld knoe very well... i cant even make the piano well... l0l.
kk nth else~ toodles~


Sunday, October 17, 2010

its could had been our 2nd month...

Today would had been our 2nd month if we were still together. aiya, lets talk bout same things? why remember those sad memories? just live our lives happily first { credits: TWINNY~ } haha. anyway, nth much to post about leh? exams finalli finished? l0l.went out with twinny yesterdae, to find out about wat we did , go visit her blog instead. mmm... anyway, suppose to go out with the guys deh, but they cant , so too bad l0l. wanted a halloween party , but have to see results thn can see can go mah. :) nth much, tmr no sch, getting results back soon... thn update later bah. toodles~


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Why try so hard?

hihi. life is full of unpredictable stuff, stuff and incident i would nvr expect to happen. sometimes i appear tat i dun care abit about wats goin on in my life. Though i am able to fool some of them, but i still unable to fool myself... my life is way more complicated than it appears to be... everything seems so... so different, different from the past, where i used to be so simple minded... nw, i tend to complicated and make things worst... sigh. i just wish i would stop being so foolish and stop try cas what's the point of trying if what no matter eu do, in the end it would still end up being pointless? its simply just a waste of time...

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Friday, October 15, 2010

What i fear most came true after all?

your world is so different from my mine... mine is full of tragedy , maybe just for this once , ur right and i'm not... someone with a sad past and no sense of humor might as well be died... true and for this once , i agree with eu... after today, wat i fear most had came true... but i fear most since day 1 , had finalli came true after so long... i seriousli dunno wat to do to deal with this... cas this once it involves mani ppl...

* not goin out with athena and guys tmr... hope they have fun... :)*


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

we're goin out together on saturday! cant w8...

heyhey, today is mmm... science exam, l0lx. the next most likely to fail subject, hahax... anyway, todae rained halfway through our exams , lol. thn stoped when we finished the paper, well ... the paper was difficult !!!!!! zzz... let's all fail together... hahax... l0l. mmm... thn after exam we went to hougang pt with the boys... l0l. hahax... thn we went to the playground we went yesterday to play blindmice... l0l. thn i keep bullying the sec one boy... poor guy, i pity him ... NOT! hahax... ok, this is the evil miie talking... hahax. but i think i'm turning into a sadist like athena?!?! l0l. hahax... :) tmr maths test lehh... dun feel worried though? ok, tats miie lieing.. haixxx.... just feel VERI worried... nvm... mmm... anyway , confirmed lehh, i goin out with pam on friday, thn go out with athena they all on sat. mmm... pam is to amk hub, athena they havent confirm yet. l0l. i dun care , i am dragging them to take neoprint on sat, at least give athena a last memory picture? l0l. hahax... bringing my cam on sat... PPL REMIND MIIE PLS!!! i think nowadays my stm is getting frm bad to worst... hahax... kk , i go study for tmr's maths lehh... see i'm studyin!!!! hahax. toodles~

aq .


Monday, October 11, 2010

A special post for one of my fren...

hey. today is our geog exam , which i think i am most likeli goin to fail... l0l. cant blame miie? i mean , i'm born stuppid?? so who to blame nw? my parents thn.. for nt giving miie their clever genes... and for giving miie tis emotion tat make miie not able to say no to ppl... [ athena shld knoe wat i mean... hehex. :p] l0l... anyway , mani things have beening goin on in my life... making miie realised its time to wake up! time for miie to appreciate things tat i fail to appreciate in the past , etc : a fren of mine , tat suffers in silence... sometimes i realli wonder wat he is thinking... he said that his a simple person... but somehow i feel guilty... i'm always the one bullying him. making him do things... i nvr appreciate him for his kindness... bully him more and more , day by day... and all i knoe was to complain and complain about how he make my life horrible or how he make miie cry each time and how he make miie live in fear each time he talks to miie, worrying someday , he would stop ... i knoe he wishes nth more from this friendship... and i thought the same too... but all i want now , is for us to at the veri least , be frens , even if we may quarrel at times , fight at times, disagree at things at times, but still let us at the very least be pure frens... and tis time , he doesnt have to let miie in stuff anymore... he can mention ppl he wants at anytime and any moment... he doesnt have to worri about my feelings, cas tis time , its time for miie to aprreciate him and care for his feelings instead.Though i knoe , everything i said , might nt make him forgive miie , but i am learning , learning to appreciate friends arnd. and nt be tat evil " victoria " tat is inside of miie since day 1 when i start to hate him and complain about him... ( athena shld knoe bout the evil "victoria" ) :]



Sunday, October 10, 2010

new post

heyhey, mmm.... i'm here to post again... well , we had a long conversation yesterday.. till midnight... somehow we broke the record?? but i realli wonder like he do, how long can we last tis time?? we nvr last long... all i knew is, after a few days we would end up quarreling again... we nvr talk peacefulli for more than 3 months... i hate the feeling of living in fear , fear tat someday , he would hate miie again like he used to , fear tat soon , he would regret talking to miie... haixxx... i knoe wat i am doin is seriousli wrong, but i jus cant stop worrying?? i hate it when i do tat... make miie feel like i'm a control freak? l0l....



Saturday, October 9, 2010

long post after a long break...

hey, it's been along while since i posted... cas i didnt get to use the com... anyway , nowadays , with exams coming there... i dunno why, though some of my words and actions look still childish , but i have a feeling that i had grown , grown to be someone more mature , someone able to accept the fact that things in this world arent wat you wish for it to be... and things aren't always wat its seems to be. people tat eu trust the most can betray you in life, people you hate the most can turn out to be the one you will eventualli go to when eu need someone... life is jus tat amazing and cruel. and i onli knew them now! tats whats bothering miie, my life isnt as perfect as it , i am not as fortunate as i want to be... but tat doesnt mean people arnd miie are more fortunate than miie? and i am definiteli not wat i appear to be... no one is actualli... feeling rather deep now , maybe it's cas my story is process much more beautifully thn i expected? i want my story to portray the fact that life is nvr perfect or fair , so not good ppl have happi endings neither do all evil ppl get wat they deserve b4 they die... life is jus tat amazing... though i hate my life , i hate my family backgrounds , i hate certain ppl arnd miie , but i do knoe tat despite all this , there still are ppl who cares for miie as a fren/ besties and will be there for miie ... thus ... why jus give up on ur life simply becas things didnt work out?

Love is just about taking risks.
Being shy gets you nowhere.
So sometimes, we just have to be a little braver and fall,
fall heads over heels.
Nevermind if we get hurt,
we'll piece ourselves back together anyway.
So dun be scared.
Just this once,
Or you can just think it as,
it's just simply a nightmare.