Thursday, May 27, 2010

my mid-year exam results...

hihi. todae got meet th parents session. i didnt go school in the morning , cas i a bit feverish and having a major headache... veri painn... i cant even walk properli... so didnt go school. thn i slept in longer... ate medicine... so better... thn i go school at 10.20++ help slip in result slip into reports books. i didnt do badli neither did i do it well... i dun mind sharing my results... so here they are:

English : 71.1 [ A2 ]
Chinese: 80.6 [ A1 ]
Mathematics: 78 [ A1 ]
Science : 71.3 [ A2 ]
Art : 51.4 [ C6 ]
Home Economics : 79 [ A1 ]
Intergrated Humanities ( geography ) : 67.4 [ B3 ]

Total : 498.8/700
Percentage : 71.3%
Class position : 11/41
Level Position : 20/201
nt tat bad... nw feelin better =]
eu may nt knoe tis... but everytime eu talks to mii3 .... its hurt mii3 on the inside... cas all i rmb is how eu hurt mii3 in th past... everytime eu talk to mii3... i would worri eu might change ur mind all of a subject and start to hate mii3 again... i am worri i would fall in deeper and deeper bit by bit... actualli i didnt change abit at all.... eu are th one who changed...
nth else... so ... tats all... every1 have fun durin ur school holidays =] byebye~


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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

woww... veri long nvr post lehh ~

hihi. been a loong time since i last posted... got grounded cas of some stupid reason ... =.=' anywayyy.... the post exam activities is all pretti fun =] had tons of fun =] haixx.... i am tell my wound is healing bit by bit... slowly though... but its still better thn nth =] i am realli happi to knoe there are frens tat care so much for miie... just hopefulli , i wouldnt be so foolish again?? =] ~~
first post exam activity : el camp =]
veri fun.... =] like every part... except for th drama part =] hahax.... spellin one is pathetic... realised i forgot how spell stretch and scratch =.=" diaooo.... stupid miiee... baka...

second post exam activity : field trip to mount faber?=]
hott.... and tiring... but still fun =] the sight is pretti amazing too.... nicee =] had fun =] hehex.... l0lz. though we have to do the stupid worksheet... still.... i had funn =] hahax...
mmm... actualli i dun realli have much to sayy..... l0lz. =] kk , nth else lehh... see ya , byebye =]



Saturday, May 22, 2010

notes to thnx some of my frens =]

To amelia:
thnx for being there to console [ dunno how spell ] miie when i was veri upset... eu are one of my bestest frens. hope we can be frens b4 =]

To cherrie:
thnx for the concern... though eu didnt say much , but just by a few smses , i can tell eu still care for miie =]

To sueann:
yeahh.... eu didnt say anything... but eu did have some credit for having fun with miie , though eu dun realli knoe wats goin on with my life but still , eu did try distract miie from other stuff =] thnx... i'm sure goin to miss eu when eu leave [ i knoe i said tis mani times , but still... i'm SO goin to miss eu :( ]

To athena:
eu were there for miie , hearding miie say my troubles and problems [ whenever we hang out at the playground ] just llike how i hear ur problem... this makes miie feel more relieve =] thnx =]

To Pamela:
thnx for ur concern and encouragement though eu dun realli knoe wats goin on with my life too [ just like csa ] but i realli appreciate ur concern and care 4 mii3 . frens forever , kk?? =]

To jordan:
thnx for th lame , cold jokes tat cheers miie up everytime =] i knoe his ur best frens , so its natural for eu to side him , but still , eu did to put an effort to cheer mii3 up =] thnx l0ts.

To tis some1 tat dun read my blog:
eu dun have credits for anything , nt for cheer miie up , nt for encouraging miie , nt for caring bout miie , nt for showing ur concern , nt for anythin , but for keep ur promise, and keep everythin a secret , though in th end , every1 [ nt realli every1 lah , but mostly ] knoes bout it... but still thnx for keepin ur secret , it mean a lot to mii3 ... thnx =] hope we can be FRENS 4ever ?? =] thnx =]


i knoe i can let it go.. i knoe its possible... but i just dun want to... i still want to hold on tight to it... i dun want to let go... i dun want too... i would nvr take those risk again... its just too much for miie... too muchh... i cant take it any longer... it hurt even more after i let go... i cant take it any longer... i knoe its nt worth tearing over a guy like him... so easily jealous over some guy he dun even knoe... dun trust ppl kind... i hate those guys...

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

tryin to figure out wats th problem with miie...

wats the problem with miie?? i am tryin to figure it out myself too.... something's definiteli wrong with miie , wat was i actualli thinkin ?? actualli tryin to do?? wat am i tryin to prove?? my mind and feelins are so confused... everythin just dun seem right.... i nvr notice it till nw.... my feelins for him isn't tat complicated anymore.. its simple... its all veri simple... there's just nth goin on between us.... nth would ever happen to us... its just rumors , why didnt i realised it sooner?? why didnt i realised i didnt realli like him , the reason for my feelins is cas i am affected by th rumors?? i am so stupid!!! well.... knoeing it late is still better thn nth... i realli hope all tis would come to a stop right now... cas i dunno how long i can still take tis... it's killin miie on th inside...


[ omg... where's th old miie?? i feel so sadd... feel like crying... but just no tears?? i dun get it... i nvr get affected by tis kind of problems... but wats wrong with miie now?? gettin affected easily by all tis?? i realised i changed... i dun scold anymore... i dun get mad anymore... i dun quarrel anymore , as much as i still want to argue and quarrel with josiah and weiren... i just dun seem to have th energy to quarrel... where's my temper gone?? where's all my ' energy ' , my motivation??? have it realli gone awayy?? i realli wonder... how long i am goin to take to recover tis round... i just isn't in a mood.... i tried everythin... try playin with pam and csa .... get myself occupied... as much as i may seem like i am fine... i just isn't , i realli dun get it?? i nvr had tis feelin b4... not even when tat time... but why now?? does he realli had a great impact on miie?? i dunno... feelin lost and upset... i dun even knoe why i am feelin tat wayy?? l0lz... ... ]


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

i would nvr forgive eu , no matter wat eu do cas i hate eu!!

i cant take tis pressure any longer... its killin my conscious , i dunno why but i just simply feel so guilty ... i had nvr been selfish in front of eu b4... just tis once , pls let miie selfish for just tis once. i can no lnger take tis pressure ppl are giving... maybe its th wrong step the veri beganning... maybe ... i had alreadi made a mistake th beganning of tis relationshippp... i cant take the pressure anymore... i dun want neither of us to get hurt anymore... i believe tats the best for both of us... i knoe i been selfish now... but ust tis once... i feel tis decision and choice is th right one... he just cant get out of my mind? i would rather take all th rumors thn this.... its killin miie. eu may nt knoe but ... i wasn't a bit happi ... i am sorri for hurting eu , pls forgive miie....
is tis wat eu want?? are eu happi now?? why?? why do eu have to do tis to miie?? and why to miie?? if eu think wat eu do will make miie change my mind , ur so wrong. i would NVR change how i find eu and ur character. eu are SO selfish... eu dun own miie , i get to make up my mind. stop pretending to be someone veri poor thing , veri sadd... veri moody, lovesick ... [ etc ] ur so PATHETIC! at the end of th day... eu dun even get a thing when eu got through all tis trouble?? all eu get is MIIE HATING EU EVEN MORE! all the pain i am having and suffering now... is all THNX to EU! and somedae , i am goin to make eu suffer twice my pain! eu nvr knoe how much trouble , we had so we can be together?? whenever , we go out... we have to worry tat ppl may see etc. eu think its easy ?? [ ohh , i forgot , eu NVR had a gf b4 >.< ] eu nvr knoe OUR pain.. our worries , but dun worri... cas i am goin to make eu suffer TWICE the pain.... or more.. cas now , i hate eu alot! and i would nvr forgive eu! no matter wat eu do , i would nvr forgive eu! zzzz... baka! idiot. hate eu! zzz....

w8 ... i promise i would w8 ... just 4 more years to go... i promise i would w8 for eu no matter how long its might be. but eu too must promise tat eu will w8 for miie too... tats the promise between us... =]


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

but do eu expects of miie?? if tis is realli want eu want from miie , i'm sorri , but there's no wayy i can meet ur expectations... its too much for miie , its sth so impossible. no one in tis world is perfect , everyone makes mistakes , no one besides god is perfect , so live on with it. accept miie for who i am ... if eu expects miie to change just for eu , i am sorri but i cant do it...


i realli dunno?? i feel so weird... there's this weird feelin goin on now... whenever i see him... all th old feelings seem to come backk out of no reason?? i have tis feelin tat i would take forever to forget him...

Monday, May 17, 2010

todae's activities ♥

hihi. todae got homeecon... got backk the paper... wat th... did so badly ... zzz... study still do so badly... dun study can do so well... dunno lahh... dun want get mad cas of my results... mmm... lifelit , got backk english paper 2 , i got 36 over 50 for comprehension ... nt bad.. and nt veri gd either... cant believe izac can get th highest for english .. hahax. pro. nw startin to play audi again... lvl up leh , nw onli lvl 7... haix... lousy lah miie. anyway yeahh , i prefer normal individual , freestyle battle or cc4 , i hate choreo. zzz... my most lousy dehh.. but lvl license is choreo... zzz... nw dens double , so must play more =] hahax. chinese play uno and stress ... fun. athena found out leh... dunno to feel happier or sad?? anyway , yeahh , mmm... i would realli appreciate it if ppl to stop spreading th rumors.... i dun want him to feel upset cas of all tis rumors , though , he nt in our school... still , he seem to knoe wats goin on in my life?? mmm... anyway , i knoe i feel happi around him, tats the most impt thing , isnt it? =] ♥ mmm... yeahh , so after school , dunno need stay backk for geog or nt... so i stayed backk anyway =] thn ate lunch. play this new game with th uno cards. also got play stress. hahax. sueann wants to beat miie in stress. actualli , i am nt a pro. just tat , its all my luckk... ♥
mmm... sueann and miie want to go watch shrek forever and after?? [ i think so , nt sure of the movie's name ] yeahh , so maybe is next next wednesdae - fridae . we want more ppl to join?? so those interested... tell miie at my taqq boxx?? =] thnx... anyway gender... [ but it depends , maybe , we nt confirmed... or we last minute cancel?? who knoes th future ] hahax. anyway , yeahh ... =] it might be the last outin with CSA lehh... so i realli want to go.. but i hope i wouldnt get grounded by my mum... cas i did realli badli for my exams tis round.. haix... nw i guess , i have realli became a professional slacker?? hahax. i need to buck up!!! zzzz.... I MUST BUCK UP! hopefulli , i wouldnt disappoint him the next round.... sryy... =[ pls forgive miie , i just cant stop myself from slackinn?? i am just to used to slackin... haix.... zzzzz.... anyway , yeahh , tats bout all =]
nth else lehh... gtg , byebye , see ya tmr in school. =]

a.q ♥

thnx for being there always for miie , nvr giving up on miie , showing miie tat there's still one to care for miie more thn anything else... i realli feel veri fortunate to have met eu... meet eu and being frens with eu is one of the things tat i would nvr regret doin... i realli hope our relationship can last long. as long as possible [ hopefulli ] thnx for being there for miie , hear miie cry my hearts out?? despite tat most of the stuff , eu heard can cause eu to feel heart broken, eu was still constantly there for miie. thnx for showing th things tat i nvr thought would be possible?? and showin miie tat nth in this world cant be done , just depends on whether eu are willing to spend time on it or nt . i realli appreciate it more thn anything else. =] hope we can last longer.

♥ 당신은 자기 사랑 ♥


Sunday, May 16, 2010

feel so happi like athena ♥

hihi. todae woke up early go tuition... now i ♥ tuition . hehex. =p anyway , extreme happi =] hehex. ♥ mmm... i finalli noe how athena feel =p hehex ♥ mmm... actualli i got nth to say , but just feel like postin... hahax. ♥ l0lz. mmm... yaa... just wonder if i make th wrong choice?? i told athena to to make the right choice and nt to XX XXXXXXXX XXXX some1 XX XXX ♥ , but here i am ... doin tis myself... i knoe he likes miie alot since a long time... his realli a nice guy, his always there for miie whenever i nided some1 ... his always there just like XXXXXX is there for miie. but.. eu cant just choose to be with someone cas his nice ?? eu nid to have th feelin... i knoe i do ... but th problem... whenever i am with him.... my mind will think of th other him... i need time , time to forget him... i knoe i can do it... it all just take some time... i dunno wat i am thinkin... but just give miie some time... i knoe i can do it. if eu ♥ miie , thn trust , believe miie and give miiie some time ♥ kk??
nth else... so byebye =]


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Friday, May 14, 2010

had tons of fun yesterdae with Jinyao , CSA , Sheryl , Joshua & Timo.

hihi. yesterdae went out with jinyao , CSA , sheryl , joshua and timothy. have tons of fun =] first we met at hougang mall supposed 9.45 am... but jinyao was abit late... so we w8 l0l =] thn we took MRT to tampines. when we reach there , we first went to buy tickets for th movie , we watch " Robin Hood " my advice : nvr go watch it... its like?? I dun even knoe wat the heck is it all about?? except th killing and fighting part?? is like watever they say makes no sense to miie =.=" i was like o.0?? th whole movie.... even almost fell asleep =p hahax. l0ls. thn... ohh... we went popular get th stupid black paper?? they need 6?? so they took whole stack of black paper in a pack. thn they say like to much , so they took one by one deh. then they say pack one more worth it =.=" diaoo.... waste time... so went to take pack one , thn timo realised he lose his wallet =.=" zzz... so went back to find... so i help they pay first... dunno where they found it , anyway in th end they found it. so we went timezone. l0ls. play basketball. singles and team =] singles , i won CSA... so happi =p hehex. team : we tied , each win one round... thn timo and jinyao play... timo better , cas he anyhow shoot , he dun bother bout accuracy , but jinyao bother so waste quite some time =] anyway... thn we wanted to take neoprint =.=" thn sheryl went off .... cas she dun want take... zzzz... so we pull th boys in ... damn funni lah our neoprint... but nice too =] had tons of fun in th end anyway. tats th most impt part. CSA also had tons of fun... honestli , tis is my first time go out with boys BESIDES jonathan [ eu shld be honored i put eu first , l0ls. ] , jordan , donovan , wilson and michael. mmm.... at first , feel abit uneased.... l0ls, cas keep quarrelin with joshua =.=" l0ls. so.... yeahh... thn it turn better =] went home later thn expected =] so good lahh... is like joshua the first to reach home... unfair..... CSA and i plan to go out again... just b4 she leave... [ i knoe i said tis mani times but still ... ] i'm sure goin to miss her went she go.... :'(
todae, we watch some video make by other group for their geog. project. thn lifelit, we watch tis movie called : " i am sam " . pretti sad movie... onli watch half way cas nt enough time.... youtube got the rest... but i dun want watch... dun realli like the movie. nowadaes , i dun realli like movies... i prefer anime =p just watch finish lovely complex and kimi ni todoke [ speak of which , CSA is mad at sunni for tellin miiie th name of th anime =p ] anyway , i onli watch kimi ni todoke AFTER examm... =] yeahh... so now watchin aishiteruze baby. yuzuyu so cutteee... kawaii..... =] i prefer Satsuki to Kippei... Satsuki more handsome ... though Kippei is th protagonist and Satsuki is nt... btw... i dunno wats the antagonist for tis anime... those knoe and got watch tell miie , kk ?? =] thnx =] mm.... yeahh... so... tryin to finish watchin =] haix... now i am also a anime addict. =.=" zzz.... anyway yeahh , thn art got backk results . l0ls , luckily i didnt fail =] mmm... yeahh , so ... feel sad for someone... haix... dun feel to bad.. it cant be helped if eu suck at art?? yeahh thn recess , thn c.e had beliefing on how go bedok reservoir for cross-country race next fri. do eu think i shld take bus with athena , dongmei and CSA there?? or ask my mum fetch?? [ cas she visiting my gran(s) tat stay near there?? so on the way can bring miie there... ] so ?? so confused now... haix.... yeahh , cher also give backk science paper , i didnt fail... w8 , no one in our class fail ( fortunateli ) but i cant believe i did so badli... i knoe i didnt study much in the end... but i expect to do slightly better?? haix... siannx... dunno how tell my mum my results.... she's SO goin to ground miie tis round...
kk , nth else... go watch my anime lehh... so byebye =] see ya ... have a enjoyable weekends =p



Tuesday, May 11, 2010

happi b'dae someone ...... =]

hihi. todae is some one's birthdae , so here i am ... wishing him a BIG a happi 14th birthdae and may all his wishes come true. must smile always kk?? =] though it's his birthdae todae... i always hate this dae... 11th may.... i nvr liked tis dae... tis is dae i hate th most out of 365 daes... cas of some particular reasons which is so personal , i those wish to say....
i think i am goin to fail my maths.... l0ls. haix... anyway , yeahh , todae got art exam... yesterdae fall sickk... now still veri sickk... nvm.... must bear with it till tmr... thn okayys lehhh... haix.... i am definiteli goin to miss CSA when she leaves.... thn left with athena... i am goin to miss her when she leaves too =[ haix. tryin my best to achieve my parent's expectation... but tryin my best is just isn't enough... i am so useless.... can't believe i cant even handle such simple maths qns... stupid miie . i realli want to prove myself to my parents. to prove to them , i can judge ppl well too... i can make my decision . i am take care of myself and its time for miie to have my freedom and privacy... but th problem is.... i just simply seem to hvae a poor judgement when it comes to ppl?? haixx..... [ nt tryin to put the blame to any one ] but all tis troubles and problems would nvr rise if it wasn't for him!!!! if i had nvr met him , if i had nvr chose to believe him and be his fren ... all this problems would nvr rise.... i realli regret it.... last year was th worst year.... so mani problems rises.... the year i hate the most....
goin out with CSA , sheryl , timo , joshua and jinyao on thursdae [ our school markin day , so no school ] meetin at hougang mall mcdonald around 9.45am?? thn take bus go tampines =] cant w8... we goin home at 4.30++?? nt so sure =] anyway... yeahh.... we goin take neoprints and stuff , afterall tis is the last outin we can have with CSA lehh... wonder how is the class outin coming on??? shld ask esther somedae =] yeahh , thn we maybe watchin movie , see got any nice movie mahh =] ohh yeahh!! almost forgot , we also getting " him " a belated birthdae present , i supposed?? nt so sure wat to get for him?? but i knoe we shld get something for him?? CSA also want get sth for him , afterall , she's nt goin to see him leh mah?? and take it as way to thnx him?? for lettin her bully him?? idk lahh.... but for him... it's a way to show my appreciation for everythin?? i supposed.... feelin so confuse right now...
i like justin bieber's song : " Baby " and "fav. girl". godma say she might be getting his latest album for miie. suppose i can get his song for free on the internet ?? but i dunno how to reject her kindness ?? so i brought her a mother's dae gift... she just like her half mom to miie =] a fake rose [ from mini toons , the one eu open inside got a necklace one ] , chocolates , a magnet and a handmade card . [ same for my mum , i got them the same gift too , but magnet and card a bit different ] =) come to think about it.... godma is not just like a mum to miie , she is so one of my best frens. whenever i quarrel with my bf(s) [ take note bf have 2 meaning ] she is always there for mie?? she's the first one tat comes to my mind when i needed help.... [ still rmb when i small , got one time i think is CA2?? term 3 tat time... i failed my english paper , tat time mummie when to america to see papa. so i was under godma's care... she told miie if i have test or exam , must tell her and show her the paper , i didnt told her bout my english exam.... i told godma instead... thn godma didnt tell my mum , she just scolded mie awhile and told miie to do better th next round and signed my paper for miie , tat's how i got out of my mum's canning... ] pretti mischievous , right?? i dunno.... i have always been scared for my mum since i was small.... she's realli strict and scary... tat's why she always tell mie tat i need to behave myself.... i nvr go again her b4... till i was 11, i finalli go again her once... when i met him... well his nt realli a bad person... his good at his studies and sports too. [ tat's when i met amelia's jordan too ] i didnt do anythin bad... i just stood up to her. i told her i hated her... i told her i dun like it when she keep askin to miie to do tis and tat and nvr let miie make my own friends. i hated it ... i wanted my own freedom....
dun feel like continuing...
so tat's all , see ya tmr ! byebye. gd luck for ur tmr's homeecon paper ... i am goin to study now... byebye....

P.S i change my songs in my blog to all justin bieber ones =] hope eu guys like it...


Saturday, May 8, 2010

tis week is exam period

hi peeps , been a long time since i last posted... well last week and tis comin week is exam period.. cant realli say i am studyin?? but well , nvm... tis year is streamin... really stressed , l0ts of pressure, afterall CT1 i didnt take mani paper , so i must catch up.. besides , i bet with athena , she MUST beat joey for class position and all subject besides maths and mother tongue [ of course ] yeahh.. thn sueann say i must beat josiah =.=" diaoo... zzz... tat means i must beat weikiat?? haix... kind of impossible , so she change to miie must get top 7 in class?? i was like... kk , i try my best... haix... realli stressed up lahh... i want to be a professional slacker like cherrie [ dun think too much , jonathan is NT my bf =.=" ] haix... anyway , tryin focus and study.. nt veri possible , tis year i seem so distracted?? mmm... nvm , update ur on last week's programme :

Mondae: no school??
Tuesdae: nth much , study l0l??
Wednesdae: stay back , study with athena , ask help from ms chua on science
Thursdae: science exam... Damn DIFFICULT!!!! zzzz....
Fridae: lifelit paper 1 and 2 , paper 1 i did argumentative essay , and th letter , paper 2 cant find mani points for the summary. [ peer pressure is more beneficial than harmful . do eu agree??] i put agree. =]
Saturdae: todae l0l. studyin.. zzz...
nth else ... so byebye , see ya on mondae , and gd luck for mondae's maths paper =]



Sunday, May 2, 2010

so long nvr post leh =p

hihi. veri long nvr post lehh.... too busi and too troubled too. haix, it seems like tis year is th most unhealthy year for miie , i seem to keep fallin sick b4 the exams?? i am down with a mild fever and serious cold... zzz.... feel so troubled nowadays, maybe its cas of all the rumors goin on in class tat is troubling miie , my friends... well , except for athena and csa , seems like there's no one else i can talk to about my secrets and relationships problems [ for friends in school ] . why is life always like tis?? ur best best friend , someone always there for eu , to help eu in everythin... can just suddenli have to leave?? maybe i am destinyed to have no close friends around miie ... life was nvr fair , and we have to accept tis fact. i just cant w8 for th exams to be over... thn we can go out with all my besties and finalli have the time to have fun and relax =] haix.. nth much , tmr got no school , more time for miie to study for th exams.... good l0l, kk , i have nth to say , start to plurk again , want the karma to go up!!!!!! zzz.... got to go , buaiis~! post again tmr ?? maybe if my mum allow miie to use th com =p byebye see ya in school on tuesdae =]


P.S i changed my blog skin , is it nice?? PLS COMMENT in the taqq board , if nt nice , thn i will change. thnx =]

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