Saturday, March 27, 2010

l0ve is about takin risks...


haixx... i seriousli have no idea wat my mind's think now , mann.... all i wish was for him to ... just notice miie more... dun say sacarstic remarks bout miie in front of his friends?? is it so hard for him?? i dun even get wats Hk thinks either.... why must eu keeep sayin this kind of stuff to think " his " tryin to hurt miie?? why must he do that constantly?? doesnt he knoes he had hurt miie enough?? haixx....
sueann , pam, and sheryl came my house todae to do science brochure. l0ls. had fun. we went to buy bubble tea. miie => strawberry red tea , sheryl => blueberry milk tea , sueann => peach red tea, pam => just normal milk tea =] thn... i also buy CHOCO waffles!!!! yeahh.... CHOCO addicts. =p l0ls. ermm... then did the work. played some games... finish by 5??? but still need paste pictures on mondae?? cas my house no color printer =p sueann and pam come my house again on good fridae. o.0 yeahh =] l0ls. nth much. gtg buaiis~!

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Friday, March 26, 2010

later got meet-the-parents session, so tis is a short post.

lols. yesterdae sports heat. this year i nvr participate, so i wanted to go and cheer for sueann... thn who knoes. started to rain.. haixx.... thn we w8ed and w8ed.... so miie and sheryl go backkk to school first. l0ls. we WALK to school.... raining with onli one umbrella. and we are sharing it . lols. thn sheryl and my shoes are all wet... haixx.... so wet.... my uniform wet too... so WET!!!! arhh.... zzzz.... l0ls. so i went to school continue my cca while sheryl went home. haixx.... all wet luckyy my cca at air-con room =p. l0ls. nth much. later goin for meet-th-parents session. talk about streamin etc. haixx.... meetin pam at foyer at 6++?!?! l0ls. =] hahax. Kk. mummie rushing, so i post more tmr bahh.... or maybe sundae. w8 maybe mondae. cas tmr sueann, sheryl and pamela comin my house for doin science project ( brochure / poster ) so maybe cant online. thn sundae got tuition, maybe i would have training too?!?! havent confirm yet. ask jessie tmr bah... buaiis~!

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

try to kick miie out?? NOT SO EASY....

hiie. todae woke up veri earli cas got tuition later.kkayys maybe 8am is not realli earli anymore but... to miie , someone who slept at 2am last night. its quite earli... still rmb how i start off todae. i was like"arhhhh!!!" shoutin in my room when i saw how deep th dark eye bag i had. i look like a panda tat got into a VERI serious fight =.= l0ls =p hehex. l0ls. anyway, my mum still mad at miie for runinin her "beauty sleep" l0ls. =] anyway. had onli a egg for breakfast. when for tuition from 9-1.15pm.... tiring!!!! hahax. something funni happen in tuition with jonathan . l0ls. =p dun say later he angry ... =p l0ls. thn came home, had lunch. watch show. online. chat. do hwk. elearning science and maths =p l0ls. ermm.... homeecon too=] nth else leh. suppose to have trianning again todae dehh... but cas of some reasons which i will say later , tats why nth else leh i onli chat again. dinner. play fb. chat. play. do hwk. same old rountine. =[ borinnn.... sianxx.... tryin to finish my hwk!!! arhh... slacker lahh... =p l0ls.

OMG!!! my arm and shoulder is like SO SORE!!! =.= die leh lahhh.... must be cas yesterdae i over exert my muscles =.= cas i was tryin to broke my all-time record mahh... b4 th competition =.= haix... coach helen and jace were quite disappointed and angry when they heard i over exert force on my musclees.... and its soring now therefore i must skip trainning.... =[ most of all, jessica chua so wat lah! so wat if i over exert my muscles , so far i onli skip ONE training onli l0ls. hellooo..... without miie, how are ur goin to find a replacement for froggy style?? i am th best among the whole swimming team lol. want kick miie out of the group... not so easy!!! =.= l0ls. anyway... nth muchh... hope i recover soon... my whole left arm and shoulder sore like hell!!!! zzz.... lucky is left not right... or i cant even write or do my hwk... haixx.... gtg buaiis~! try finishin my hwk... =] WISH MIIE A SPEED RECOVERY !!!!!!!!!!! =] toodles~!

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

such a bad weather todae yet i went for practice. would i fall sick tmr?? =]

hiie. todae went for swimming practice for my comin test and competition... yeahh... broke my all time record of 20 laps continousli within 25 imnutes =] well done!!! went to pasir ris downtown east. sister and mummie went in to wild wild wet cas sister got 2 free tickets but i cant make it cas got practice =p thh we went to cathay cinema =] watch alice in th wonderland, NOT 3D =] yeahh... finalli.... =.=" haixx. nicee. l0ls. =] came home bout 4++?? thn watch tv programmes. nth much. watch "suite life on deck" , " hannah montana " , " jonas "& " phineas and ferb " . l0ls. thn watch 小宝与康熙, currentli watchin 家门的荣光. veri funni =p hehex. l0ls. ermm.... nth much... sandric wrote this stori. quite nice.... =]

Book Summary - Project: "Some Story"
1 Vol. 1
Chapter 1 - The Life of a Fifth Grader
Wallace Gother (Wallace)
Denzel Linth (Denzel)
Marcel Glutten (Marcel)
Carissa Hilt (Carissa)

School's started - part I
Hi, I am Marcel and today is my 1st day as a fifth grader. My class was
exceptionally "well behaved", thus during our physical ed., a fight ensued. I tried to
stop the fight.
School's started - part II
They ignored me as I tried to persuade Denzel and Wallace to stop. I tried time and
again but to no avail. Therefore, I blew my top and shouted at them. The two boys
then started to glare at me and gave a punch on my face.
I was badly beaten up. Carissa came over immediately after she saw this incident.
She asked the boys, "what are you trying to do?" "It's none of your business! So get
lost!" answered Denzel. Carissa insisted an answer. The boys then threatened to beat
her up as well if she continued. Carissa said, "you even dare to beat a girl up? You
rascals!" The boys then moved away quietly.
Perhaps what?!
Carrisa helped me up and wanted to send me to the school's clinic. I was rather glad
that someone was there to help me. However...
Carrisa was a newbie at school. She transferred to this school as it was easier for her
to commute. So... She doesn't know where the school clinic was located.
I told her that I will be fine, going to the clinic alone. But she insisted that she
accompanies me and we ended up walking in circles as she looked for the clinic.
Chapter 2 - Home Alone
Marcel Glutten (Marcel)
Carissa Hilt (Carissa)

The moment at the school gate.
School has ended and I am now walking home. Both Denzel and Wallace apologised
to me. I wasn't mad at them and thus, we became friends.
Carrisa was standing at the school gate and it looks like she is waiting for someone.
As I walked towards the gate, she waved towards my direction and I was oblivious,
thinking she was waving to someone else.
As I walked past her, she came running and halted me. She ranted, "why did you
ignore me when I waved at you? Furthermore, you walked past me without saying hi
or bye! How rude of you." I was rather shocked and tried to explain myself. But it
turned out that she was just joking with me and so she asked about my injury and
requested to walk me home.
Home alone
We've reached the doorstep to my house. Carrisa didn't trust that I'll be alright by my
own and she followed me into my house. I felt awkward as I have never let any girl
enter my house. Moreover, my parents are at work thus I am alone in the house.
There has been a saying that it is no good that a boy and a girl should be in the house
when they're alone. I was worried what would happen if my parent found out that I
let a girl into the house.
Carrisa said she'll cook lunch and told me to wash up. I was very cautious. A little
too cautious till I tripped on the stairs and a loud thud was produced. Carrisa rushed
out from the kitchen and asked what happened. I replied, "nothing! I was just being
careless." She then went back to her cooking.

Something's not right
Lunch was served as Carrisa finished cooking. It was delicious as I gobbled down
the food. However, Carrisa didn't eat at all. I told her to have some food but she was
staring into blank space. I wonder what was she thinking.
I waved at her for a few seconds and she was startled. After that, she asked me, "was
the food nice? Do you want to have seconds?"
I was rather confused for what she was trying to do.
It was already evening when she left and I am still thinking "what's with her?"

thn the stori stop here leh l0l. =] if got any suggestions to continue to th stori pls state them in th taqq box =] thnx =] .... nth much lehh... so let's stop here =] buaiis~! post more tmrr =]


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tuition from 1-4pm!!!!! SO TIRING!!!!!

hiie. =] quite long nvr post leh. my blog's quite dead =.=" nvm. over here today is 18th March 2010. I would like to wish some one happi birthdae =]
HAPPI 14th BIRTHDAE , Sandric
May all ur wishes come true.
And smiles always :)
Best regards, anqi =]

okays. todae got tution from 1-4pm ... saw sushi too. l0ls. same tuition just different daes. haix. now my brain go maths maths and maths. =.= " cant believe jonathan fail his english?? l0ls. he sucks at music too?!?!?!?! wat a shock of my life. when he say : i failed my music , singing and english .... " i was like " OMG!?!?!?! " cant believe it... his great at english??? he got A for PSLE?? now he fail when i didnt?? Woww.... best part. his surname is jonathan SUNG??? shldnt he do best in music?? though i knoe surname has to inpact in talent but?? l0ls. so unbelievable?? hahax. l0ls. =] well had fun tats all . =]
buaiis~! post more maybe tmr?? Ohhh yeahh.... tmr goin for a hair cut. not cuttin alot. just some and lay it too =] hope it turns out nice?? wish miie luckk =]


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

i had tons of fun todae at th mangroves.

hiie. todae went to the mangroves. =] cher group us into 3 big groups. A, B and C . i went to B . got lance, kennhong, joshua, zengyong , miie , CSA , pamela , sheryl and baolian. and some 2a2 ppl tat i dunno. =] ermm..... had lots of fun. saw lots of interesting bugs and animals. =] crabs, and some nice flower and trees =] lols. thn zy and kh veri funni thoughout the trip although zy keep sayin mean things to miie =] haha. thn he keep askin miie to help him hold the distilled water =p hehe i wouldnt fall for his trick deh lah =p hehe. poor things leh.... ( though i dun realli pity him ) i am beenin sacrastic =] hehex. =p naughty miie. had tons of fun realli. CSa dun want take picture =[ so sad... =] but i manage to take one with her =p hehe. l0ls. wanted to take more with her, but she dun want =x haha . l0ls. had we went i sit with Pamela. went back to school i sit with Siew hwee. she keep sneakin want take my picture -.- but i am not stupid =p hehe. l0ls. nth much. the picture all with pamela so cant post. but dunn worri wait till i get the picture from pamela thn i will post asap =] see eu guys =] buaiis~!


Saturday, March 13, 2010

went out at 11.30 came backk at 5.30 =]

hiie. todae went out with CSA. meet her at hougang mall mcdonald outside. thn we go to compass point taking bus 119 together =] ate mcdonald. ohh yeahh before we go compass, we went blackoutz to get pam a ring tat we didnt get for her in the beginning. =p hehex. l0ls. purple.... =] thn we went to timezone. i treat csa to all timezone games except neoprint which she treat =] Mmm... she spent $10 in timezone. =.= but i spent $79 =.= l0ls. nvm. she have fun can leh. we played basket ball... my arm sore leh lah. =.= thn we play the table thing?? dunno call wat. thn we play some game thn make us go hammering =.= l0ls. hand red. thn we realised the neoprint machine at compass spoilted. =.= we brought bubble tea. i buy strawberri red tea. csa brought peach red tea. =] she brought two?? one at hougang one at compass?? l0ls. thn she keep goin to the washroom?? haha!!! =] erm... ... we also brought seaweed i brought th spicy one =] niceee... actualli is i treat csa. =] erm... thn we go minitoons. wanted to buy the letter keychain but all the alphabets also dun have =.= haix... thn we go action city =] nth much... csa wanted to buy something for hj for her birthdae but end up didnt buy?? l0ls. =] hehex. thn we had a rest and went to hougang to take neoprint . =] thn we walk a long distance to the bus - stop. i took 88 home and csa took 74, 147 home =] thn buaiis~! tats all we did todae. reach home, sis go tuition leh at toa payoh. =] chinese tuition . CHINESE ROCKS!!!! =] thn .... i stay home myself. they came backk at 7-8++??? haha. =] okayys. nth much ... gtg buaiis~! =] tmr goin to the mangroves.... SO EXCITED !!!!!!! =] hehex. see eu tmr =]


Friday, March 12, 2010

eu make miie smile when i dun feel like it.

i realli like this song.... .... its realli sad. i always cry when i heard this song as this song reminds miie of him... 《江美琪的爱哭鬼》

我是愛哭鬼 我要哭掉對你的依戀

我愛哭 大聲的哭 你在身邊我敢放肆的哭
電影感人 聽情歌我都會哭

我愛哭 偷偷的哭 你清楚卻傷我那麼離譜
幾句話語 我的淚卻止不住

你說分手時候 彷彿早就想清楚
留我一個 躲在角落 來不及哭 只能傻住

我是愛哭鬼 我要哭掉對你的思念
看著鏡子裡面沒志氣的臉 然後越哭越後悔

我是愛哭鬼 我要哭掉對你的依戀
我也知道自己 這樣子不對卻還越哭越認真的 為誰

我不哭 我不敢哭 哭只會讓視線變得模糊
視線模糊 記憶卻會更清楚
你說分手時候 彷彿早就想清楚
留我一個 躲在角落 來不及哭 只能傻住

我是愛哭鬼 我要哭掉對你的思念
看著鏡子裡面沒志氣的臉 然後越哭越後悔

我是愛哭鬼 我要哭掉對你的依戀
我也知道自己 這樣子不對
卻還越哭越認真的 可悲

this song is realli touching. if you would like to listen to it too.
click the below link :

cant believe so fast term 1 over leh. can eu image life in sec 3 without him ( maybe ) .... i realli cant image it. without him... maybe i cant even laugh or smile. he makes miie smile when i dun feel like it.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

yesterday send most of my time trying to burn the disk. dun seem to work. thn later Ms Tan help us burn then can leh =] thn went home to

Monday, March 8, 2010

wat i did todae??

hiie. when to sueann grandma house to do tis interview thing for my chinese project. so sad.... :'( i think she was going to cry as she speaks about her past. at tat time she was onli 8 years old and she is the eldest child among her family somemore. they grow vegetables and onli get to eat rice once a week.the rest was eating topioca.... thn she was so daring when she was young. they had to hide somewhere in a secret corner in her house when the japanese soldiers came... =] i feel tat i am SO fortunate to NOT have to encounter tis kind of war. or i wouldnt had been as daring as her grandma. she was realli a brave child to miie. and i am glad to be staying in singapore where it is war-free , riot-free and is indepence. although singapore had to go through along away b4 she became indepences. =] so touched by my grandma... =] thn after tat when to heartland mall , pammy wants to go deh. =] she and i ate kfc for lunch , sueann onli drink a bubble tea. thn miie and pammy had mini melts. i also drunk bubble tea. thn pammy went to popular to buy a pen =] she borrowed money from miie cas not enough $$ . =] thn we went home. =] tats all. okayys got to go do my home econ , supposed to be due todae. but didnt finish =p miie slacker lah. thn still nid type out th interview =.= haix. in chinese somemore. sianx lah. thn got to go watch the movie some more. okayys . so buaiis~! =]


Sunday, March 7, 2010

i had a serious running nose...

hii. sianx. i dunno wat i am thinkin... shld i or shld i not?? shld i join pamela and sit by the side and watch others run. or shld i join sueann and run?? i seriousli have no idea... i knoe sports has all along been my passion. haix... someone help miie make up my mind pls... had a terrible runni nose. my nose was so red. like a raindeer. haix. so sianx. no one seems to know how i realli feel. no one understands miie. =[ i dun even knoe why?? why no one seems to understand miie?? understand how i feel. why when i wanted to talk to my mummie. she is always in a bad mood?? she is SO biased! so unfair , she is SO kind to my sister and SO mean to miie. its all SO unfair. i hate her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! alot and alot... buaiis~!


Saturday, March 6, 2010


todae is my thirty post. nth much... just feel pretti sad. okayys i goin to type out the horoscope for virgo and taurus.

Love: this relationship maybe young , but alreadi something seems amiss. rely on your keen instincts and follow up on any disconcerting feelings you may have. however , make sure you hae hard evidence before you confront them.


Love: unfortunately eu have fallen in love with someone whom you're not supposed to fall in love with. the situation in complicated. while making a move seems tempting,now is the time to stay away and wait for the feelings to subside.

seriousli i realli hope all this are wats goin to happen. i dun want to hope too high. cas the more eu hope for sth. the more disappointed eu will be if eu fail to get it....

Thursday, March 4, 2010

things tat happened todae & two letters

hiiie. todae nth much. do maths hwk. got geo graph results. 17/30. at least i pass... =.= no chinese todae so sad. cant slack . =[ erm... science okayys lah. did notes. nth much. lifelit we go performance lab. thn got a scolding by cher to whole class.. =.= so unfair also not our fault wat!... =[ said something wrong todae haix.... regretted it. when to 7-eleven. bubble tea shop with athena after school. while w8 for cca start.. =] didnt buy anything for bubble tea cas tmr i go pam house thn buy bah =] saw josiah( my so-called enemy, actualli he is my FRIenemy) twice todae after school. first is when he talk to athena bout class tee. second is from a certain level. jiahui saw him first thn told miie deh. they all thinks i hate him. haha. not realli lah. he is my gd friend onli pure friend dun think too far. =] erm... he dam funni todae. change my seats btw. sit next to KH ( kennhong ) behind CSA ( sue ann , my san mei =] ) and weikiat ( maths pro ) =] behind is robin( current vice-chairman , being sabo. ) and tingwei ( esther bff ) thn behind them is jolene (preethika's bff )and josiah. josiah was like cursing away , why always sit so near her deh.... l0ls. dun mind . though those word didnt hurt my heart a little but not tat much =] hehex... haix. he officialli returned to america. but b4 he go. we did meet up. he said he forgive miie. but he dun intend to start another relationship with miie again. for he is afraid of hurting miie. and it is hard to manage a long distance relationship. =[ haix.... anyway. i have to left go of the heavy lungage sooner or later. so now jordan and amelia is helpin miie . =] nth much gtg. buaiis~! say more tmr bah. but i may update later thn usualli cas i am goin to pam's house do chinese research. hopefulli i can find my thumbdrive tmr. hope it is in my mummie's car. pray hard. cross ur fingers =] buaiis noW , seriousli ~! =]

i'm sorri for sayin those words. i dun realli mean it. i didnt do it on purpose. it was an accident. hope eu wouldnt feel hurt by those words. i am seriousli veri sorri. =[ would eu forgive miie?? though we cant be couples. we can still be gd friends. hope eu understand it. and hope eu can let go of the lungage too soon. eu will always be my gd friend. thnx for beening my friend. everi one hates miie . onli eu dun. thnx for tat. and thnx for beening there whenever i needed eu too. eu are realli a gd guy. but eu are just not a ideal bf for miie. hope eu can find some1 tat would appreciate and like eu for who eu are and eu like her too. but tat gal is definiteli not miie. eu may think eu would nvr like someone else again. but... this is just ur first or maybe second , third crush. who can eu be so sure?? sooner or later , eu would find someone way better than miie. by then, eu would start to think wat so gd about miie?? so move on =] we can still be gd friends. or a talkin companion. but just move on . miie and sueann will always be here to talk to eu as a gd friend =]

As for eu. we are ppl from two separate worlds. we cant even talk harmonyly and i am not being mean or wat. i wangt a bf tat cares for miie. not someone danger and may attack miie without miie knoeing. i cant accept a bf tat i am smarter than. i want him to be a great atheletic , a great student and even a joker than is humorous and can make miie laugh and smile when i dun feel like it, and is there for miie everytime i needed him too. someone to shower miie with care. not some1 tat cant even find a school to accept him and cant even play badminton , not gd in chinese and english and lie tat ur a pro. most of all, i cnat stand liar and act cool peeps. so move on. find some1 tat is ur standard. i may sound harsh here. but move on. no point stoppin here cas of miie. eu may think eu can touch miie. but ur beening stupid cas i would never be touched by eu as i would nvr lower my standard just for eu . so stop being stubborn cas no matter wat eu do will not make mie change my mind except for a guy.... which is DEFINITELI NOT EU!

all my standards here i realises onli matches two ppl. one is my ex- bf . one is.... josiah. am i realli falling for him. without miie knowing it even... it sounds and seems so. i keep thinkin of him day and night. and whenever i see him... i do things all wrong! i just dunno wats going on to miie. am i reali obsess with him like wat athena said?? i dunno too. but i definiteli hope not. cas there's no way he would like a gal like miie. the class's enemy.... i reallin dunno wat to do... some1 have got to help miie...


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

i didnt go for 3 of my test !!!

hiie. didnt realli have the chance to post cas last week got fever and flu . got sick in directli... haix. anyway. didnt take three of my test some more cant retest =[ fail lol. =[ haix. anyway got my chinese and english compo back. english got 18/30 . at least i pass. my english is always tat bad in fact it sucks... hahax. =p chinese 76/100 . =] yeahh A1 =] not bad. but i could have done better. nvm. =] josiah got 67 . haha opposite of miie. he got 19/30 for english compo. i want knoe his science , home econ and maths too. =[ i knoe he got 32/50 for maths. but i dunno the rest. i didnt take maths , home econ and science so i no marks. i onli left geograph dunno marks. i think i would knoe my marks tmr. cas tmr thn have geo. =] i am sure i did VERI badli. but nvm. this is a small test. do better next time bah =] gtg do my maths hwk tats due tmr and i have not even start on it yet! buaiis~! =]