Monday, February 22, 2010

todae is first dae of common test 1, 2010 =]

hiie. todae got chinese compo test . =] okayys lah. not bad. quite easy but not so confident. =] erm... got back science and maths class test =] science is 24.5 / 35... so lan =.= maths is 26 / 30. not bad . okayys lah hor?? dunno =] i like my maths results not science = p erm. pam veri disappointed cas both test she didnt do well... =( haix. so sianx. tmr geograph and english compo test. go studie leh . buaiis~! =] jiay0us every1 , all the best for ur CT =] jiay0us ....


Sunday, February 21, 2010

todae is sundae.

hiie. todae when for tuition in th morning =] okayys. honestli i didnt do my hwk . but cher also nvr scold =p hahax. lucky l0l. =] nth much tuition all th way to 1.15=] ate lunch at home. thn watch some show. thn do self revision for tmr chinese compo test =] yeahh!!! chinese roxs! though mani think chinese suckx. but i disagree!!!! =] hehex. l0ls. realli nth much todae. so ciaos. i nid go studie leh. ciaos!

why do eu have to do tat to miie?? i dun expect much from eu. all i want from eu is to treat as a friend. not a besties or a good friens. just a pure normal friend?? is tat realli something veri hard to be done??


Saturday, February 20, 2010

i got a new phone!!! yuppi!!! =]

hiie. nth much todae. woke up extra earli as sister got this birthdae party at build-a-bear suntec city. so woke up earli to go there with her with parents. =] she build a bear while i brought a new phone. yuppi!!! l0llip0p roxs!!!! =] I lurve my new phone. hahax. realli nth much. havent do my tuition hwk . so i go do now... nth much ... buaiis!~!~!


Friday, February 19, 2010

pls dun left miie anymore for i could not afford it.

hiie.nth special in school todae. fought with my friends again. it has always been like tis. why must they are be so bitchy and always put th blame on miie?? but dun worri in th end we make up =] not angry anymore. nth special realli. durin CE had this talk on Ngee Ann Polytechnic. nice school. the facilities veri gd. lots of different courses. maybe if i cant MAYBE ONLI HOR!!! maybe if i cant go into JC thn i will go Ngee Ann Polytechnic. but onli a maybe =] hahax. so sianx. lifelit. do some vocabulary thing. have to copy alot of words. some more not enough spaces. sianx. thn art did some color and blending using oil pastel lame. like still little kids. =w= thn IHG do own mind map cas cher nth to teach leh so she play some music for us. nice. 1 is secrets ( asked my Izac ) 1 is todae is a fairytale ( asked by preethika ) both veri nice. crystal asked for something too. but i dun rmb leh cas tat was the veri first song =] all veri nice =] but the best i like is still "Bubbly" by Colbie Caillat. nice song. gary think he is veri hot. l0ls. hahax. i think joey thinks th same too =] l0ls. anyway todae gary told miie th way joey behave with jolene is like the two of them are having a stead. sianx. feel so heart-broken. haix. hahax. jkjkjkjk. anyway. gary keep sayin he got gf leh. wonder who it is =p KPO again.... haix. better not. =] next week is Common Test week. so everyone jiay0us okayys?? =] must studie hard arh. =] okayys. i also better go studie buaiis ....=]

my life is meanless and pointless without eu by my side. pls dun left miie anymore. just give miie one more chance and i will be sure to treasure it....

yeahh... btw . ms wang, lifelit cher on wednesdae shown us this love poem , 10 things i hate about eu, like it alot. its veri irony and it suit my style =] it is veri meaningful to miie. and tis is how it goes:

I hate the way you talk to me
And the way you cut your hair
I hate the way you drive my car
I hate it when you stare
I hate your big dumb combat boots
And the way you read my mind
I hate you so much that it makes me sick
It even makes me rhyme
I hate the way you're always right
I hate it when you lie
I hate it when you make me laugh
Even worse when you make me cry
I hate the way you're not around
And the fact that you didn't call
But mostly I hate the way
I don't hate you
Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.

I would like to dedicate tis poem to th veri someone i treat as a veri veri gd fren and even as a own bro.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

school dae's update=]

hahax... 0w0 todae school was fine. nth special. had tis poem hwk yesterdae. due todae. thn teacher want read some out so ask us to say out some of our frens name tat eu think have a interestin poem. thn every 1 keep wantin teacher to read out zy ones. dunno why also haha. nvm . hack care. sianx. wasnt payin attention whn cher ask us to watch a short film. =p psps. thn science. sianx. electricity. but electricity better thn light =] not so confused. dun realli like science. cas science lesson veri borin and restless. maths. omg . we got maths test. i totalli didnt studie at all =p nvm. expecting to fail =] -w-" IHG simple. didnt do much just mark friends worksheet do corrections tats all. hall assembly we change to CE . so do sth on total defence dae. sth like how would eu defence ur country or home in times of needs. =] sianx. watched a video on how the 911 thing happen. how bomb was place in mrt and buses. mani pple died. =[ so sad. feel so fortunate to be in singapore and alive =] so we must protect our country okayys?? =] nth much todae lah. stayed back with athena. brought a big tub of mint chip ice-cream. KING's and it was $ 3.10 . quite cheap =] had ice-blend in school. at noodles. delicious. athena brought yogurt from school. she wanted strawberri yogurt drink . the one hj keep drinking ever now and thn. but she brought wrongly and brought th mango and peach yogurt. slime. and disgustin. cant believe she ate most of it. yikk.... hahax. nth much realli. todae cca play with plasticine. nth much make ppl thn cher say my pple cute =] so talented miie. no lah jkjk. =] realise nowadays ryan keep hanging out with sushi. and he is sittin beside sushi. sth weird goin on. =] but dun want gossip later get scolded =p dun KPO okayys pple??


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

thirth dae of CNY

hiie. yesterdae nvr post cas i feel so sick. had a serious flu last night. now better leh. todae afternoon go tampines mall. went timezone arcade . sister got th bengal tiger card lols. dunno she girl or boy. play boy game =.= l0ls. anyway =] quite happi . haix sianx tmr must go school again. haven't done my hwk yet. now chionging .... hope can finish. okayys nth much. todae was fine. yesterdae i learn to play mahjong. finalli knoe who to play. when my parents play at least i know wat they are doin =] mahjong is quite fun and educating . though to some , its a form of gambling. =]

i realli miss eu alot. though i
knoe eu would nvr forgive miie for hurting ur heart. when will eu be back?? cant
we at least be friends??? can eu bear to put behind our friendship for
years??? can eu bear to put behind our friendship with amelia and
jordan?? i dun believe eu are so heartless. i knoe thats not th real
eu. dun care how others feel and think about eu. be urself. tat way
eu will be truely happi ... lurve eu forever and lots


Sunday, February 14, 2010

i cant believe it

hiie. happi CNY =] and happi valentines dae. todae i went to grandparents house and amelia's house, saw amelia and jordan. had a great time with them.

amelia, ur realli a great friend of mine. ur always there for miie whenever
i nided eu. though we are not in th same school. eu seem to know wats happening
in my life. ur were always th one there to support and encourage. the one
who give miie a hand when i needed one. eu knw when i am seriously happi and
when i was faking it... thnx for beening my friend...
hope we can be friends for the rest of our lives=]
i cant believe it. tis year valentines dae eu wasnt there for miie. when
cant we be like amelia and jordan. they nvr seem to quarrel. eu missed out all
the fun. eu dun seem to miss us at all... why?? cant eu explain urself before eu
leave?? are eu reallly so desperate to leave here?? isnt there anything here eu
would miss???

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

happi cny =]

hiie =] just want to wish every1 a HAPPI CNY & HAPPI VALENTINES DAE!!!!=]
may all ur wishes come true =] smile always =] and for those couples out there, wish all of eu have a long and lasting relationship. for those single guys and gals . hope ur find ur destiny half apple =]


Friday, February 12, 2010

i finalli knew who i realli like

i finalli knew who i like. it was eu.
jojo is just a kor to miie. with or without is the feelin of losting ur family
member. but without eu, is like losting a part of ur life / body. my life would
be meaningless without eu. everytime was fine till the moment i lose eu ,
everythin in my life go crazy and messy. sunny and goat starts to confess... my
resluts deproving... i realli regret it. do eu ?? i am sorri. but i knoe eu
wouldnt come back for miie... so move on and find someone better . but eu will
always remain in my heart =]


Thursday, February 11, 2010

i hate 2e2!!!

2e2 suckx man...
i hate 2e2!!!!
esther may think 2e2 rockx...
but she is so wrong...
2e2 suckx
is like...
most ppl in 2e2 think they want...
empress and emperor arh??
everytime say bad things about others...
thn when ppl do tat to them...
they calll them bitches
walao ...
how they think they are man...
realli hope this year end faster just out of their class...
everytime say want win want win..
thn whn lost blame to others...
ask ppl care about their feelins they got care about others feeling mah??
hope they fail all their exam...
nvr pass...
get into all kinds of trouble better...
everytime lesson ...
talk and nvr do hwk...
teacher must spent time to scold them...
thn waste time cant teach finish everythin...
walao ...
ask them go die lah!
2e2 full of bitches man...



everythin have a limit. i have a limit to my patience and temper too. i tried my best. i realli did. i tried my best to control my temper. i tried it cas of him. but why do he have to do this. maybe its cas the misunderstanding between us is just too deep for him to forgive miie. idk too. all i knoe is. maybe its best for miie to stay away from him to prevent from steppin into the trap again.

cant believe this year , i am celebrating valentines dae alone. i realli miss eu. why do eu have to left?? who do i realli like?? dodo or jojo?? idk, i onli knoes tat had hurt dodo. i shld be so selfish in the first place. so who do i like?? maybe i onli like jojo as a kor?? or a besties... idk too... why am i so selfish ... =[
i am sorry for hurting eu and
leaving eu alone whn eu nid miie most. i realli regret it but its all too late.
i knoe eu would nvr come back for miie. so move on. forget about miie , and i
will forget about eu too... i realli regret it. but i am so sorry . and its all
too late ... no matter wat i say. i knoe eu will nvr come back for miie. so move
on in ur life.


Monday, February 8, 2010


todae i feel so pek cek.
maths teacher , ms tan nvr come.
see with pamela durin maths lesson.
see at josiah and athena seat
cas my seat right in front thn esther they all keep shoutin and shoutin...
goin deaf leh.
thn behind us is josiah and jielong.
josiah dun understand the maths qns.
so ask miie help lol.
thn no matter how i teach he still dun understand.
at first i thought i dunno how teach or teach wrong way.
but thn jielong also dun understand so i explain to him.
but i explain awhile thn he understand leh.
so is obviously.
josiah is making a fool of miie.
pekcek with him leh.
waste my effort and time.
but no choice who ask miie ....
act smart .
forget it.
choose class tee leh.
color redpink ( my pencilbox color )
okayys gtg buaiis~!
update more tmr =]


Saturday, February 6, 2010

i am so sorri

i cant believe he was the first one to found my blog.
i nvr except any1 to find my blog.
especially not him...
i forgot his a computer expert...
i know i must have hurt him deeply...
but i have no choice.
this is my blog.
i have the rights to write my secrets.
i hope he wouldnt tell anyone about miie liking josiah...
he might think he is helping miie but he is actualli bringing miie trouble.
i regret goin to a co-ed school...
but if i had not came to bowen.
i might not meet my first crush.
i cant believe it.
so troubled.
tats all for todae.


Monday, February 1, 2010

lols ...

its like its so unsafe to have blogs...

how in th world do ppl find ur blog when they didnt even knoe ur blog url??