Saturday, September 4, 2010


Hihi:) sth wrong with blogger , I can't make my words smaller so the words are gigantic... Well I will think of sth to fix it... Anyway, I got my report bk backk yesterday cas it was the last day of school and I got 3As ad 3Bs and ALMOST got myself grounded ... Tat was a close one.... Lolx... Didn't do tat well for tis exam, haixxx.... Dun realli feel like postin cas my blogger got sth wrong but nvr mind jus post for fun cas my blog damn dead.... Mmm.... Plan to go study with darling on Monday also ask him help miie with my sci ..... Lolx .... Must study or I would either get grounded or even worst mummie will push forward my curfew to either 9pm or even 7pm.... Zzzz.... No choice but to study as hard as I could b4 I regret it.... Mummie aimin for miie to go to C2 same with miie :) lolx ... Nth muchh, but since my friends all nt free on nxt friday, I goin out wih darling bahhh.... Hope he wouldn't stood miie up like the others == ...